Help Setting up custom loop

Hey guys!

Very exciting stuff for me at this momment. I am wanting to build a custom loop inside my PC for my GPU mainly! But if it doesnt cost alot more to add in CPU ill want to add that in as well. This is my first time doing this! so hopefully it is not too difficult.

What i wanna know is What will i need? for my GPU and how much will it cost? from looking on EK website the Waterblock costs 113 in eur and im from UK so thats about £94-95. I know it wont be cheap but i think i will love the silence and headroom for a decent overclock!

I have thought about it over the weekend and distanced myself from PC build and videos and i am still looking to do this. but i can realise when i need help as this is my first time.

plus the cool look of custom loop ;)

as for money. just keep it to essentials but 320-350 would be good amount. i can increase if need be.

Thanks for any or small help :)


Forgot to mention i have the NZXT S340

Option 1: full custom
Since you're trying to keep it on the cheap i'd reccomend a pump like this one
soft tubing
some quality bang for the buck fittings (I use the compression version of these and they're holding up)
Adding in the CPU would only cost an extra $50 if you get this block, I use it myself it performs slightly better than a typical closed loop cooler as far as temps go
it's cheaper to use just one radiator so i'd reccomend a thicker 280 rad (45mm thick) you can go thicker for better cooling performance but you'll have to run your fans faster.
basic reservoir

Option 2: easy way
Get this
and buy some more tubing and a couple of fittings and add in a gpu block

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so £320-350 is cheap? how much we talking for a good loop?

I mean, it's not super cheap, it's enough to get something that's going to do the job without the bells and whistles. 400 would probably be enough to get it looking nice but i'm not intimately familiar with prices over there. Where do you shop for watercooling parts over there? I can take a look and get an idea.

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EK is a good place to shop here but from the look of it. it isnt cheap.

Although your Option 2 looks like a great shout. it will cool both CPU and GPU and really simple to set up and just lil above my price but it solves my question :)

any fans your reccomend with that radiator? EK ELX PREDATOR 240?
i have 2x AF140 Corsair quiet editons will they do?

it comes with 2 EK Vardars which also happen to be what I would reccomend lol

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Thanks for all the help! makes it simpler for me :)

no problem, give me a shout if you need anything else.

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Last question :P

Would the EK ELX PREDATOR 240 fit in the NZXT S340?

I think i may need to remove the cable managment cover

it'll fit without a doubt, not so sure about the cable management cover though.

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