Help set up a Broadcom 9500-16i


So this is my first time using a HBA controller.

I was forced to get a new MOBO as my old one broke.
And the new board has too few SATA ports so I decided to go with a robust future proof product.
Broadcom 9500-16i
MOBO X670E AORUS PRO X (revision 1)
3 × Slim SAS SFF-8654 8i 74P to 8*SATA Cable (are this even the correct cables?)
OS Windows 10 64bit

I really do not want anything fancy I just want to connect a bunch of HDDs and SSDs…
All the drives have data on them so I would prefer not to format them. But I do have a spare 18TB drive where I could copy all the data first then format the old drives…

So I plugged in the card device manager sees it. I downloaded the latest drivers from Broadcom installed them.
I have no clue how to get into the card BIOS I do not understand how to get there from the Gigabyte BIOS.

I tried running StorCLI
It runs from CMD…
It sees the controller under the show command.
But I have no clue what to do with this tool. The official manual is just a list of commands and attributes…

Can somebody walk me through how to set up this controller???
Think of me as an Idiot…

9500 cards usually are default to RAID mode. UEFI mainboards will sometimes allow some configuration of accessories. Boot into the main board bios and look for a place where you can select the 9500 features. Though it will be difficult to walk you through it as that combo is not common.

Thank you

I did read about it.
Seems that the 9400 and newer cards are not HBA cards but stripped RAID cards?
So I guess best I can do is get it to run as JBOD?

I looked through the whole AORUS bios…
I might be dumb but I simply cant find any option to select the card.

The only place I see any sort of storage controller is under I/O settings. There I can see on board SATA controller raid settings and the PCI-E SSD RAID settings…
Is it possible that this combination of MOBO and controller simply wont let me go into the 9500 bios?

Can i configure this using the StorCLI command line tool?

Now some really stupid ideas…
Can I cross flash this to some sort of Dell and use their tools?
Can I plug this into a server with the drives and configure it? I could get access to some Dell servers.

they are universal hardware. the configuration tells them how to behave.

yes, most desktop boards misbehave in this way actually. but it is always worth looking.

yes, VIA StorCLI you can swap personalities. this will allow you into JBOD mode. some versions of storcli only support certain configuration changes. you would most likely need to boot to a UEFI shell and change personalities using the UEFI StorCLI, then boot back into your OS.

also yes* but you would want to crossflash with the LSI generic SAS/SATA only firmware. this firmware defaults first to JBOD mode. CrossFlashing is different than changing personalities, performance is slightly different, at the end of the day, functionality is the same.

probably but the configuration will not stay on the card indefinitely. you would need to configure it, shut down and instantly move it to the other PC and get it turned back on. and if it ever reset do to power outage or for any reason, you would have to move it back and forth again.


But now I am a bit confused.
What mode is card in by default then? If not JBOD?
I mean it has no RAID capabilities as far as I understand?

So any tutorial I can look up on how to set it up using StorCLI…

this has a ton of info, commands are towards the bottom.

the universal hardware cards have 3 different places where JBOD can be configured. this can cause it to be on but not usable if it is set certain ways. here is a thread that talks about it some. you would need to use StorCLI to first figure out how your card is set, in order to even figure out what to do next.

Well this is going to be week long project, probably considering it is a work week.

One more question:
When I query the card then all enclosures then all drives with show all.
It tells me no physical drives detected.

Is this normal?
Does this mean that the cables are bad or something else went wrong?
Or is it due to the card being in some wrong mode?

Are you using
Storcli /c0 show all
Or what command?

Storcli /c0/eall/sall show all
Storcli /c0/sall show all

try it only calling the card, it should report everything available with out specifying anything else.

Sorry as I said difficult to find time during a work week.
I saw no mention of drives when just running a show all on card 0

Here is what c0 show all returns:

CLI Version = 007.3006.0000.0000 Apr 17, 2024

Operating system = Windows 10

Controller = 0

Status = Success

Description = None

Basics :


Controller = 0

Adapter Type = SAS3816(A0)

Model = HBA 9500-16i

Serial Number = SKC2912233

Current System Date/time = 06/06/2024 08:34:32

Concurrent commands supported = 5888

SAS Address = 500062b20fa89d00

PCI Address = 00:0f:00:00

Version :


Firmware Package Build =

Firmware Version =

Bios Version =

NVDATA Version =

Driver Name = ItSas35

Driver Version =

PCI Version :


Vendor Id = 0x1000

Device Id = 0xE6

SubVendor Id = 0x1000

SubDevice Id = 0x4050

Host Interface = PCIE

Device Interface = PCIe-8GT/s

Bus Number = 15

Device Number = 0

Function Number = 0

Domain ID = 0

Pending Images in Flash :


Image name = No pending images

Status :


Controller Status = OK

Memory Correctable Errors = 0

Memory Uncorrectable Errors = 0

Bios was not detected during boot = No

Controller has booted into safe mode = No

Controller has booted into certificate provision mode = No

Package Stamp Mismatch = No

Supported Adapter Operations :


Alarm Control = No

Cluster Support = No

Self Diagnostic = No

Deny SCSI Passthrough = No

Deny SMP Passthrough = No

Deny STP Passthrough = No

Support more than 8 Phys = Yes

FW and Event Time in GMT = No

Support Enclosure Enumeration = Yes

Support Allowed Operations = Yes

Support Multipath = Yes

Support Security = No

Support Config Page Model = No

Support the OCE without adding drives = No

support EKM = No

Snapshot Enabled = No

Support PFK = No

Support PI = No

Support Shield State = No

Support Set Link Speed = No

Support JBOD = No

Disable Online PFK Change = No

Real Time Scheduler = No

Support Reset Now = No

Support Emulated Drives = No

Support Secure Boot = Yes

Support Platform Security = No

Support Package Stamp Mismatch Reporting = Yes

Support PSOC Update = No

Support PSOC Part Information = No

Support PSOC Version Information = No

HwCfg :


ChipRevision = A0

BatteryFRU = N/A

Front End Port Count = 1

Backend Port Count = 21

Serial Debugger = Absent

NVRAM Size = 0KB

Flash Size = 16MB

On Board Memory Size = 0MB

On Board Expander = Absent

Temperature Sensor for ROC = Present

Temperature Sensor for Controller = Absent

Current Size of CacheCade (GB) = 0

Current Size of FW Cache (MB) = 0

ROC temperature(Degree Celsius) = 40

Policies :


Policies Table :


Policy Current Default

Predictive Fail Poll Interval 0 sec

Interrupt Throttle Active Count 0

Interrupt Throttle Completion 0 us

Rebuild Rate 0 % 30%

PR Rate 0 % 30%

BGI Rate 0 % 30%

Check Consistency Rate 0 % 30%

Reconstruction Rate 0 % 30%

Cache Flush Interval 0s

Flush Time(Default) = 4s

Drive Coercion Mode = none

Auto Rebuild = Off

Battery Warning = Off

ECC Bucket Size = 0

ECC Bucket Leak Rate (hrs) = 0

Restore HotSpare on Insertion = Off

Expose Enclosure Devices = Off

Maintain PD Fail History = Off

Reorder Host Requests = On

Auto detect BackPlane = SGPIO/i2c SEP

Load Balance Mode = None

Security Key Assigned = Off

Disable Online Controller Reset = Off

Use drive activity for locate = Off

Boot :


Max Drives to Spinup at One Time = 2

Maximum number of direct attached drives to spin up in 1 min = 60

Delay Among Spinup Groups (sec) = 2

Allow Boot with Preserved Cache = On

Defaults :


Phy Polarity = 0

Phy PolaritySplit = 0

Cached IO = Off

Default spin down time (mins) = 0

Coercion Mode = None

ZCR Config = Unknown

Max Chained Enclosures = 0

Direct PD Mapping = No

Restore Hot Spare on Insertion = No

Expose Enclosure Devices = No

Maintain PD Fail History = No

Zero Based Enclosure Enumeration = No

Disable Puncturing = No

Un-Certified Hard Disk Drives = Block

SMART Mode = Mode 6

Enable LED Header = No

LED Show Drive Activity = No

Dirty LED Shows Drive Activity = No

EnableCrashDump = No

Disable Online Controller Reset = No

Treat Single span R1E as R10 = No

Power Saving option = Enable

TTY Log In Flash = No

Auto Enhanced Import = No

Enable Shield State = No

Time taken to detect CME = 60 sec

Capabilities :


Supported Drives = SAS, SATA, NVMe

Enable JBOD = Yes

Max Parallel Commands = 5888

Max SGE Count = 128

Max Data Transfer Size = 32 sectors

Max Strips PerIO = 0

Max Configurable CacheCade Size = 0

Min Strip Size = 512Bytes

Max Strip Size = 512Bytes

Scheduled Tasks = NA

Secure Boot :


Secure Boot Enabled = No

Controller in Soft Secure Mode = No

Controller in Hard Secure Mode = No

Key Update Pending = No

Remaining Secure Boot Key Slots = 0

Security Protocol properties :


Security Protocol = None

separately your card is currently in a tri-mode configuration. not really an issue, just something to note.

as for the drives not showing up, at this point i would suspect a cable or power issue as there is no config issue that would stop anything connected from being displayed.

Do you mean power to HDD and SSD?
If so that can be excluded if I connect the drives using SATA cables directly to MOBO they work.
The PSU is also 1.050 w from a good company (MaxTytan)

Cables are these the correct cables?
3 × Slim SAS SFF-8654 8i 74P to 8*SATA Cable

If so might be a dead cable?
But two dead cables at once?

Could this be the cause?
I am pretty sure the drives I plugged in are not certified by the vendor.

Just a suggestion: That firmware version is ancient and Broadcom HBAs beginning with the HBA 9400 are known to have many catastrophic bugs.

The current firmware package for the 9500-16i is version 31:

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The card would show the drives as connected but blocked or not active.

Updating the firmware is a good idea also.

Thank you.

I will update the firmware.

If this are the correct cables they work.
I tested them on a SATA port multiplier

This card was on my old MOBO on the new MOBO it supports a maximum of six drives for some reason. Also throws boot errors…

So I can only upgrade the firmware by flashing over SroeCLI?
Should I disconnect everything before flashing?

Sometimes cheap cables are the problem.
Yes you can use storecli to update, yes it is best to disconnect drives.

Any suggestion what to look for in good cables?
Any suggestions where to buy one in the EU?
Like maybe Amazon?

The descriptions on most this cables is pretty bad