Help removing add-ware

I am having some add-ware problems on my acer aspire s7-392. There is adds popping up from "randomdealapp" ect... I have avast installed. I have removed all programs other than the ones from Intel, Microsoft, Dolby,  etc... using PCdecrapifier and ccleaner. I have also run the avast scan. At best all the adds will go away for a day or two then they will all come back. What can I do to permanently get rid of them? Thanks 

Follow these steps and the adware should be removed, I also recommend getting Adguard and Wot browser extensions to help prevent this.

Step One: Run AdwCleaner

Step Two: Run JRT

Step Three: Clean out %temp% folder

Step Four: Run CCleaner

If you are using win 7, type msconfig in the search of the start menú, run the program and once it's open look at the tab startup, there should be listed all the programs that are running when your pc boots, check for any unknown files, specially If they are running from a folder Like "appdata" or "local"

Thanks the problem seems to have gone away.

Why would you run all the scans before clearing temp files?  Step 1 should be to get rid of as much unnecessary crap as possible, less to scan means faster scans.