Help recommend a PSU for this build

Hey all, soon I will be embarking on building my second gaming rig :) and I am just looking for some opinions, I would like to hear some recommended PSU's for this build :)


Asus TOP 2 R9280X

AMD fx-8350 - stock cooler

Cougar evolution full tower casecase (white), with 7 blue led 120mm fans

8gb ddr3 - 1600

120gb ssd

1tb Seagate HDD

And a standard level mobo (still deciding) 


Thanks for all your help guys :) and I'm unsure if 600 watt is enough or what are you recommendations :) thanks!!




I always recommend the XFX 550. Very cheap and good quality. Easily enough for the system plus overclocking. There are better units that you might consider, it really depends on your budget.

And you should get a motherboard with good power phases if you want to use a 8xxx chip. You cannot go cheap with something like that. Take a look at the M5A99X Pro R2.0 from ASUS.

The Corsair HX650 can be had from the Corsair Outlet website for dirt cheap.

I ended up buying a Gigabyte G970A-D3P

As for power supply I bought the Cougar RS750 80+ for 40 AUD.

DO NOT OVERCLOCK ON THAT MOTHERBOARD!!! You will easily fry most old gigabyte AM3+ motherboards with any overclock. I wouldn't frankly even put a 8xxx series chip in one. The heat dissipation and capacitors are horrible on that board beware.

Haha yea but its all I could really go with, as well I have added 7 case fans :) keep it cool I hope.

Fine but i warned you, old gigabyte boards are bad news.

But I've read good reviews on this board running stock? And slight o/c's with the newest BIOS.