Help Re-installing Windows Vista


My sister has my old PC which runs windows vista. Now that I got a new PC I would like to wipe my sister's computer and reinstall vista for her. I no longer have the original vista DVD so I was wondering how I can put the vista OS on her computer now onto a flash drive to use for reinstalling it?

I cant find any active links for a vista download just install windows 7 (you will need a app called Daz windows loader to activate)

How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB

you can run for 30 days from the downloaded iso version while aquiring a license.

the cheapest is the oem versions at $99.00

or you could browse for oem vitsa .iso compatable to your version and do a fresh install with the license on the pc lable

vista? why?

@twoexcess I only want vista because I have a license key for it already.

So there is no way to just copy select files from my computer onto a USB and use that to re-install vista?

Have you tried Linux? It's free and it has a small learning curve but if she is just using the internet and such there should be no problem. Ubuntu is a great on for people starting out on Linux to get into.

I may just leave her computer as is in the meantime. But I am going to highly consider Ubuntu when she wants me to build her a new PC. She does do some mild gaming though so that may be an issue. I understand you can install Wine to get Steam working, but I don't know anything about getting older games on disk working in Ubuntu. Is that still possible?

Zorin OS has the windows layout

How to install vista: install windows 7.