Help PSU

I'm choosing between:

1. SilverStone Strider Essential 700W = 87,44€

2. be quiet! Pure Power L8 630W = 89,46€

3. Cooler Master Gamer Xtreme 750W = 91,64€

4. LC Power Hyperion II v2.3 700W = 92,19€

5. Seasonic S12II Bronze 620W =94,38€

6. Corsair Gaming Series 700W Bronze = 95,51€

7. Corsair Enthusiast Series V2 650W = 95,67€

8. Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 620W = 96,13€

Which one should I buy and why ?

1, 5 or 7.

ok but why did u choose them?

better build quality?

more silent?

more power?

number 6 the fan never sppols up aprt from boot!!!!

Well, these are the most reliable brands, out of all the reviews on any of them they come out better than the rest. Also, you will barely notice the fans, they will probably be way less loud than any of your other parts (im guessing your system doesnt have high-end stuff according to the psu wattage). Also, for your power needs, i should really need to know all the other parts in your system.

which shouldnt be the reason for buying it.



When choosing a PSU the two main concerns are Power and Quality of power.

Obv you wanna make sure your PSU can supply the watts for your system, as a ruff guide you want the PSU to be about 20-25% more powerful than your PC needs (this means at any onetime the PSU is around 80% loaded meaning its in its most efficient working zone)

The reason why we like certain brands is because of their qualitity of power and build, you dont want a PSU to be supplying dirty power (high voltage varience) you want them to supply constant clean voltage (low varience). 

Brands such as Corair and Seasonic have proven track records in this so this is why they are generally prefered.

Going with unknown brands may save you money to start with but when you start to get blue screens lock ups and random restarts youl be pretty annoyed and worst case scenario you end up frying your brand new cpu/gpu/mob etc or burning your house down :)

I might switch components but for now I have:

Intel i5 3570k, MSI Z77A-GD55, Sapphire Radeon HD7950 etc.

(and I might be doing OC)

Finnaly I have decided to take Corsair Ethusiast series V2 750W cuz you never know :)

ty for your comments