[HELP] Printer not shown in windows

Hello world.

I’m trying to get a printer working on another computer as it was working before. I have connected the printer with Serial cable to the serial extension card on the pc. The drivers are installed both for Printer and Serial extension card. The Printer is on but is not shown in the system. I tried multiple times restarting the PC.

Epson TM-H5000II
Windows 10 21H1

Print Management says that I have the drivers installed.
Device Manager does not show a Printer.
Device Manager does show the Serial Extension card.

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You’d probably need to add it manually
Click my device is not listed
choose add a local printer or network printer with manual settings(next)
Choose the port(next,next,finish)

enjoy 90’s printer adding nostalgia

Well Epson is not listed and neither can I find the driver .inf file in the system32\spool\drivers\x64\spool\3 as the printer Manager says

If you have a disk or an old PC with this installed, you’ll find the inf files there.
If it’s install choose from the list that you should be presented with.

Well the Drivers have no .inf and neither is there one in on the other pc. I’ll try some different drivers…

It’s the type of driver, KX drivers, are not working on win 10, try pcl5 or universal.
You may need to uninstall, remove drivers first (use device manager)
I find windows borks the driver on updates and security even tho it worked in the past.

You just may need the original disc/driver install package to get this working again, even if you have to manually do it yourself.

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