Help pls

Hello everybody, I currently have an Intel Pentium g2020 and i'm going to get a gtx 760. I was wondering if i need an i3 or i5 and will the Pentium hold the gtx 760 back?

Depends on the game and how many fps you want to have, Bioshock infinite 60 fps-->no problem, Hitman absolution 60 fps -->nope.

If youre fine with 30ish fps in some games you can raise the graphic settings until the gpu utilisation is high so that your gpu has some work to do (most graphic settings mainly raise the gpu load, especially filters), for many games it will be O.K. though, not everything is a hardware killer.

Generally speaking a g2020 is not something i would recommend for a gaming pc but you could keep it for the moment and plug in a i5 later when you run into problems.

Is it worth it to go to an i3?

no its not worth it, then better go with an i5. 3570k

I see. thx for helping me not waste money ^.^