Help pls?

just in gamming, not 3D what is better 2 GTX 660 Ti 3GB in SLI    or   a Saphire Raden HD7970 3GB  O/C  !!??

You need to state a budget. Also do you really need 3gb of vram? Are you going to be using more than one screen, you could save yourself a bit and get the gtx 660 ti 2gb instead of the 3gb.

If its only gaming though I would just go for the 7970, imo. Reason is for the price... But the 660ti in sli would perform better if the games your playing will utilize sli mode.  

will have two screens , but 1 is 27inch 120Hz for gamming and a 23inch for youtube & reading forums with split sceen on

Thanks for you help. She is all dun  "THE DARK HART"    Were in the forum can we post the finished builds ?

Thanks for you help. She is all dun  "THE DARK HART"