Help please!?!

hey guys i just built my computer not to long ago and its been tearing everything up but today i downloaded planetside2 and my gpu started to buzz like a wire was in the fan but everything is in order i dont know why its doing this its the first time its done this and it only does it when im playing planet side 2 so far but it still runs the game amazing. its freakin me out i have the evga 770 sc acx 2gb card.

also i noticed the top 4 usb 2.0 slots are not working on my mother board. They get power but they wont read anything i plug in such as a flash drive. (gigabyte ga990faxud3)




the gpu noise is coil whine or the whine could also be coming from the psu but you have an 770 so it could be a not so good PSU to GPU. i would check to make sure its the GPU or PSU making this noise. also it could be the fan gone bad when it hits high RPMs...

on a side note why does nobody ever list there PSU? :D/ 

as for the USBs it could be an issue with device manager or the device you are plugging into the computer, have you tried any other usb? 


is there a specific way to tell exactly if its coming from the psu or gpu? And is there a way to tell if the one of the fans has gone bad? (i bought it like 2 weeks ago its been running for about 4 days max) how do i know if its a good match? 

i have a corsair cx750 builder (i know its not the best one on the market but hey its a 750 with 1 12v rail thats made by a decent company)

i tried to plug the flash drive into all the ones on the back and they all registered and the 2 fronts work.

lol i thought damn i should have put my psu on there after but then i left so i coudnt exactly edit it 

put your ear next to the gpu, and then next to the psu (don't get caught in the fan of either) and you should be able to tell which is making it

its clearly not coming out of my psu

download kombustor and run the triangle of death, you should then hear the whining sound coming from the gpu and this could be caused by bad power to the GPU or just a badly made GPU...but it's a evga their built like gods! 

I ran it and i heard a little buzz but NOTHING like when im playing planetside and i could only get it to run once? also i noticed my tdp was jumping around and my temp was around 36c to 40c (lowest -highest) 

You have to make a video now

ok i guess ill make a video when i get back home.. i am really hoping that its just bad psu power and if i buy a new one it will stop i dont really want to go through sending it in to evga and warranty and getting one back and RAWR all well ill do what i have to

Planetside 2 is a CPU intensive game, so your GPU having problems is strange. I hope your warranty is still good just in case.

You might consider having EVGA replace it for you. They have a fantastic warranty service, if you made an account with them within 30 days of the purchase, then they will send you a box and you mail your card to them and they will either repair it or, usually, replace it.