Help Please!

I need help which i guess you know from the title, but my games have been lagging when i move my mouse. I've moved drivers to previous ones I've uninstalled them and reinstalled them, I've plugged my mouse into different usb slots (my old mouse broke... *frowney face*). Certain games work though like Arma 2, War Thunder and World of Tanks but most lag like Planetside 2 and L.A. Noire. All I ask is for some help, I know you guys are some really cool people so I figured that you'd help... please.


Here's my specs...

AMD 6300fx

8gb 1866 ram 

Radeon Hd 7770 1gb

650w psu 80 plus gold

970 Pro 3 Motherboard




Haven't played those games but when you move your mouse, you look around. Could be a graphics issue..wihch drivers did you revert?

I've reverted to 13.1 catalyst and a bunch of others but i cant remember them all. I've re uptaded them because i out of ideas... :(


i had that issue with some games, switching to an xbox controller got rid of the problem on all of them. i spent days trying to calibrate a machine thinking there was an issue with the hardware or drivers.. i used a bunch of different keyboards/mice all plugged into different ports.. for whatever reason, the xbox controller didn't introduce lag.

i use this on all machines i build now.

the drivers have improved since 13.1, trust me.. should be running 13.5 beta 2... if some games work and others dont.. it's not your hardware, it's their game.

I wonder when the problem will be solved? And thanks for the help!


Did you try turning on mouse smoothing on in the game menu?



Might be your mouse. What mouse to you have?

It's a generic dell mouse because my old one broke so that might explain something...

Where you having the problem before you had this mouse? If not then its obviously the mouse. Some  mouses are just terrible. 

I do believe its tithe mouse because I have no other explanation but if you recommend a mouse feel free to tell me.