Help please with Litecoin

I was wandering if anyone could help me with my GPU minner. I have a Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB. I use reaper to mine for Lite coins. My problem is that I am having is when I mine, I am only getting max 6 Kh/s. I thought my card was able to get around 300?

Here's what my litecoin.conf looks like

port 9332

protocol litecoin

worksize 256
aggression 13
threads_per_gpu 1
sharethreads 18
lookup_gap 2
gpu_thread_concurrency 10244

Thanks for the help

Hey man, you're mining on the CPU, make sure you have: platform 1/device0 in the .conf files.  That will point it to the GPU platform using device 0. with platform 0 it assumes you want the CPU. I made the same mistake. :)

thanks, I tried putting this in both and just Reaper or litecoin.conf but it just starts up and crashes. Where extacly should i place it ?


platform 1 and device 0 should be on separate lines.

which .conf should it be placed in



if it crashes on start up, lower thread congruency.

you can probubly get your aggression up to arround 16...

also, i recommend 32 share threads.

ok thanks, ill make sure to try it. I appreciate the help

Hi Logan, (Will Donate 15 LTC)

I saved my backup wallet on my external hard drive and re-installed windows 7. I installed the Litecoin client and tried everything to retrieve my litecoins with my backup wallet but had no luck and my wallet still says 0 LTC. Can I send you my LTC backup wallet to see if you can retrieve it for me? Many users told me to send them my backup wallet so that they can take a look at it but even though I really want to trust them I really cant.