Help please god help

I'm posting this here because I have no clue where to put it. I did just make this compuer maybe a month ago, so. here it is:


Ok, so, returned my 670, still waiting on some info from that.. not sure if they're sending me a new 670 or just giving me a refund. I HOPE TO GOD they're giving me a refund. Anyway, in these weeks I've been without a graphics card, I've been kinda making it through. Been playing planetside 2 at lowest possible settings in some insanely low resolution windowed to like 4x4 on my screen. Been enjoying World At War too, since its not demanding in the slightest. My 3770k + Intel HD 4000 Graphics had me impressed. I'm suprised I could pull 20-30fps in ps2 with the previously mentioned settings. HT is off, no overclock.. Anyway, on to my issues. upon launching ANY game, not even in fullscreen (even minecraft, which maxes with 50-60fps fine in vanilla singleplayer) one of two things will happen: 
1: All will go well, play on my crippling settings and fps until I'm done, and presto. i'm doin fine. 
2: the game will run for 2 or 3 seconds, then everything will become unresponsive, and this REALLY annoying buzzing noise will take place. ONLY solution is to reboot. ctrlaltdlt doesnt work, neither does tabbing out of it, etc. I even waited a couple hours for it to respond.. nothing. It just freezes, BAM loudes buzzing possible banging into my ears, and complete unresponsiveness. 

I am really worried something I did/some defective part is causing this, and its not just the lack of GPU. I'm kinda worried I might be using the intel hd 4k graphics driver for Windows 8, as this was the case for my 670. (i changed to 7 and it was STILL defective, btw) but im not sure how to check or change this. Things that have changed since I uninstalled my graphics card: 

1: bent capacitor. I was uninstalling it, noticed a capacitor bent at a 45 degree angle, and being the insanely huge shitlord of dumbassery that I am, straightened it. This worried me as soon as I did it, so I googled it. Looks like as long as nothing crunched or came off, i was ok. (nothing did.) 
2: the little plastic latch at the far right of the PCI slot came off. just came right off when i took my card out, hardly any resistance to speak of. this didnt worry me at all considering its not an actual piece of the slot, just a bit to keep the card from coming lose, which I am not worried about. 
3: removed GPU, obviously 

that's it. CAN SOMEONE *_PLEASE_* enlighten me? I am so frustrated and stressed that this wont stop when I get a new card.... please halp xD thanks a mil.

I believe if you want God's help, a prayer would be more appropriate than a Teksyndicate forum post. Though I'm not sure how tech-savvy god is...

Have you tried some stress stability testing? I'd start off with that. Prime95, OCCT, Furmark, Memtest, etc. Also, make sure all your drivers are up to date and installed properly.

Anything I have to pay for is off limits. low on cash atm. Also my dl speed is easily less than 100kbs. so. but anyway, thats not the problem. if the game runs it runs fine, and never hitches once, but every 4-5 times i launch a game ill have to reboot because of the damn lock ups.


very clever, btw.



Never test with Furmark, it can destroy cards... this should never again be recommended.


Download a free version of 3D mark Vantage, if it passes this, it is most likely stable, also Download OCCT and run GPU 3D test at shader level 6.

If it passes both of those, it is rock solid stable.

hi. first off i would like to say that i never have used nvidia cards, so other than installing drivers on builds with them... i dont have much experience with them.

now that i have that sort of -disclamer- out of they way, i would like to point out the annoying use of capital letters in your title, and lack of the enter key in your post. being an EE, i am happy to inform you that the actions you performed in no way could harm your computer. so that means it must be the removal of the graphics card that is causing your problem. if i had to guess, i would say that the drivers for the gpu are NOT the right drivers for the cpu's integrated graphics, thus when you try to game, the drivers will sometimes crash OR the game trys to load a shader that the gpu supported but cpu does not.

a good way to fix this is to boot into safe mode, remove the driver, reboot. let windows install its driver, then procede to download the driver for your integrated graphics.


also, this is a shot in the dark, but if the hangs are happening during gpu accelerated tasks, you might want to try opening regedit and searching for "enableulps" and setting all the values to 0. (ctrl+f the first one, then f3 for find next). however this is more of a common problem with APU's + dedicated cards in laptops. but hey, cant hurt to try...

I cant download or buy anything, and I don't have a video card atm. read the post first.

how the hell does furmark destroy cards??? it maxes them out... if a card cant be maxed, then it has shitty drivers that try to push the card too far (lol nvidia)


if you push a card to its limits it shouldnt break... yes prolonged limit pushing (like 2 weeks) with furmark will decrease the life, as its running at high temps, but a quick test wont do shit. ran my cards at 100% for months on end computing hashes... oc'ed to 5mhz before they would crash. they are now 5 years old and still running fine.

THANK YOU. and sorry. the post is copy pasted and it made it look odd. also sorry for the caps, ive been trying to get help for like 5 hours now. thanks for the tips. I uninstalled and deleted EVERYTHING by nvidia on my pc. there is no trace of it anywhere. thanks for the confimation mate, took a real deep breath there.

Well shiet. They're definately sending me a new card. GOD F*CKING DAMMIT. XC

Why cant you just ask for a refund :x


Read up before opening mouths.

From AnandTech:

NVIDIA’s reasoning for this change doesn’t pull any punches: it’s to combat OCCT and FurMark. At an end-user level FurMark and OCCT really can be dangerous – even if they can’t break the card any longer, they can still cause other side-effects by drawing too much power from the PSU. As a result having this protection in place more or less makes it impossible to toast a video card or any other parts of a computer with these programs.  Meanwhile at a PR level, we believe that NVIDIA is tired of seeing hardware review sites publish numbers showcasing GeForce products drawing exorbitant amounts of power even though these numbers represent non real world scenarios. By throttling FurMark and OCCT like this, we shouldn’t be able to get their cards to pull so much power. We still believe that tools like FurMark and OCCT are excellent load-testing tools for finding a worst case scenario and helping our readers plan system builds with those scenarios in mind, but at the end of the day we can’t argue that this isn’t a logical position for NVIDIA.

Can we please not argue about benchmarks and focus on the problem at hand? I don't like having to reboot everytime i start [email protected]


No argument, i was just providing some evidence as to why you should not use Furmark as a GPU stress test.

Benchmarks are not being argued here.

Okay. Thank you.     

While I'm looking through the list of installed programs, double checking for any sign of nVidia, I just noticed a program called lucky savings. wtf just got rid of it. *ugh* bad day.


is there any chance Im runnin W8 drivers for my intel hd 4k?

The fantastic bit on info I pulled from that is that Furmark and OCCT are still a great tool to use to find worst case scenario usage, which is pricesly what stress testing is. Can stress testing be dangerous? Absolutely, but they are also great for finding hardware related problems. Same goes for Prime95 for CPUs. Prime95 can damage CPU's as well, especially if not adequately cooled. I don't see you objecting the usage of Prime95.

Also note, MSI Kombuster use Furmark as a base. Regular benchmarks are not adequate stress testers, as they don't push hardware 100%. It is entirely possible to pass 3DMark with an unstable OC (called "benchmark stable").

Also, all of these tools are free. If the tools detect problems, then the odds are, you have a piece of hardware that is defective, which should be covered under warranty.

well I'd better be off to bed. 4 AM :p Night mates, thanks for the help. I'll do some testing/ detective work tomorrow and post results. new 670 should be here in 3 dayss , goddammit.

Looks like EVGA plans on sending me the card I sent them back -.- DO NOT WANT.

Yeah, manufacturers pretty much never do refunds, and will only do replacements if the card is defective. You need to go through the retailer for a refund, but not all retailers do refunds either.


That's pretty stupid... Anyone in Kentucky wanna buy a 670? :P

I have no clue why your integrated graphics is freeaking out.  Dont feel too bad I did a bit of dumbassery myself and left the new 3DMark demo running and then went to take a dump thinking I would be back in time for the desktop demo part.  Nope I stopped hearing the fan throttle up and down and a clicking noise.  Yeah it chashed and the drivers didnt recover like they had with 3DMark11.  I let everything cool down and ran 3DMark11 to test my benchmarks and it was down 1000 points.  I kicked myself in the ass the rest of the day.  I tried 3DMark11 again a few days later and it was back to its previous benchmarks but the clicking was more than annoying and it would now crash on 3DMark11 and not recover like it was before so I have RMA'd my card.  Other than that it worked flipping awesome but I just had to push it. I am less than ahppy with myself.