Help Please. First build crashing

Alright fellow teks i seem to be having some sort of crashing issue only when im playing games. I can play maybe 10 minutes maybe an hour it just all depends. When this crash happens i get a black screen and a flashing light around the power button on my case. I am having to power cycle the strip i have my pc plugged into just to get it to restart. There is no audio loops or anything like that i have heard, but holding the power button in does not work. I believe to the best of my ability all the drivers are up to date on my motherboard and gpu. My sytem is as follows:

AMD FX6300 (stock cooler now but temps stay below 60 not oc)

MSI 970A-g46

MSI GTX760 Gaming (334.89)

ADATA 2x4 @1600

Raidmax thunder V2 735 bronze

And of course running windows 8.1 

Any help is greatly appreciated

this is just a theory but try replacing the power strip and try it again.

Tried plugging into the wall at a different outlet still doing it 

Urm,that motherboard is not the best around. Can't regulate power all that well,iirc.

Do you think that's what's causing my issue if so I can try and get a replacement is there any way to check it or should I just rma . Or should I scrap it and get a new board? If so what sub 100 dollar boards are good

raidmax is horrid I wouldn't be surprised if it were the PSU, Corsair, XFX, NZXT, Seasonic, and silverstone make decent PSUs that aren't fire hazards

though my particular budget favorite is Rosewill Green/Capstone/fortress series PSUs those are quality, budget PSUs, I can't speak so much for their other low budget lines, but I've used over 60 PSUs from those particular lines in builds I've done myself

what about if you take one of the memory sticks out and then try it ? (if it still happens try putting back the stick and taking out the other one) 

Does it happen on all games? and also does it crash even when your not playing anything? 

im sorry but your psu is a big lumpy chode.


I'll try the memory tonight and am borrowing a Evga power supply from a friend so hopefully tomorrow I'll know more thank you guys for the help and all in the future. Also bought more fans and a water cooler just incase.

No crashes running prime or kombuster even when running them together only when gaming.IBe had it crash during all games fallout 3, AC4, borderlands 1&2, battlefield 4. The list goes on. It always crashes a decent way into a session 30 to 50 minutes in 

Apart from the PSU concerns that have been raised,do you think you can find a Asus board at your price point?

Asus,iirc,was the only manufacturer that properly supported the AM3+ platform. The M5a97 is a good board. If you can find the EVO variant,all the better.

EDIT: With that being said,do try with the PSU first.That could be the source of your troubles,for all we know.

That motherboard and power supply is just a fire hazard.  Highly recommend to replace the motherboard with something like an ASUS M5a97 R2 and an XFX Pro 550W for  PSU.  That's the setup I'm running now and well, my computer is still running fine.  I have a Noctua Nh D14 cooler I picked up for cheap on craigslist and I'm running a 4.5 GHZ Overclock with the same CPU.  (My full specs are on my profile).  

Mb not great but should work. Your psu on the other hand scares me.

Sounds like the motherboard to me. They're only really designed for older phenom chips.

Do try a bare bone setup as well with an old gpu (anything low power that works) 1 stick or ram etc. Run some stress tests. Will help narrow down the culprit.

Agree though with others, those raidmax psu's are up there with the worst.

Well looking like you guys were probably right replaced with a new psu and played over two hours with no crash. Going to do more testing but I think I may be clear thank you all.