Help Planning Hardware Setup for NAS and Personal Cloud

To preface all this, I am fairly new to DIY solutions for personal networks, and while I’ve picked up a lot in a short amount of time I know I still have huge gaps in my understanding, so any help would be appreciated. I am also still planning out my network, so all of this is will not be built for a little while yet.

I essentially have two distinct goals in mind: efficient storage for media files/system backups, and personal cloud storage with personal email server capabilities. I have ideas for how to achieve the setup I want, but I wanted to bounce those ideas off all of you to discuss implementation and potential alternative approaches.

  1. Media/Backup Storage Solution:
  • Used for home network storage, and to access and play media files locally and remotely
  • In-home, custom built rig running FreeNAS in ZFS
  • Large internal capacity, 30TB+ (large UHD movies/shows, high-def music files, computer backups, room for future expansion)
  • Quick SAS hard drives and SSD ZIL for fast internal speeds
  • 10Gb/s capabilities for home network transfers, direct play of media
  • Processing power for 4K transcodes
  1. Personal Cloud/Email Server Solution:
  • Used PRIMARILY for private and remote backup of everything on home network, hosting of email server (plus a few other features)
  • Custom built Linux server configured in ZFS, located in friends home (on secure, trusted network)
  • Very large internal capacity, ~40TB+ (backup of all NAS data, hosting of email server etc.)
  • Quick SAS SED hard drives and SSD ZIL for fast access and secure(ish) data

These two solutions satisfy my need for fast and easy access to my files, both at home and on the go, and my desire to keep my cloud backups out of large companies hands. But I’m not sure if this extensive setup are the best way to achieve my goals. Thoughts, suggestions, comments?