Help picking ram

I just got to build a similar system: AMD Threadripper 1920X + MSI X399 Motherboard, but I am still very confused which RAM should I get.

I want to have:

  1. 32G: 8G4 or 16G2
  2. achieve somewhere around 3000 CL14 speed

I am wondering which specific model should I get as the most reasonable one. Thanks

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Gave you a fresh thread OP. Good luck with the answers.


Whats your budget? What programs are you using? Do you need ECC? What the max ram you see yourself needing in the future?

If your options really are 8x4 or 16x2 then 8x4 100% (would make 1/2 your cores have to reach to the other side or have only single channel for both sides with 16x2

Aside from brand, they are practically all the same and probably the best bet on finding 3000 CL14. Pcpartpicker is also great at comparing prices, I’m on a phone right now so I can’t pull reasonable prices out of my ass as they would be in Canadian dollars.


Since companies dont advertise bdie it could change over time (kind of rare but wouldnt focus super hard on speeds/CL, get something decent but spending tons for small gains is not really worth it)

Thanks for all the reply!

As my system is designed to run deep learning experiment, I would like to use 1080ti (11Gb) graphic card. (AMD 1900X + X399 Motherboard)

My main concern is simply to utilize the RAM configuration that works reasonably among these devices – don’t want to mismatch RAM either too advanced/expensive to the setup, or too low-end so as not to be able to carry out the capability of what the CPU/GPU can do.

In deep learning task, A.F.A.I.K, the most frequent tasks for CPU is to move a large amount of data to the GPU for calculation.

Budget I wish to be below 300 USD if possible, but it’s flexible.
No need ECC. I am not sure if I will upgrade to 64G in the future. Would 16x4 (Dual rank) possibly slow down the RAM speed?

Also, would you suggest b-dei? or not necessary? thanks!

Thank you! I was as well looking into this b-die finder, and glad to know you think it’s reasonable pick.

It does cap you speed a bit but the dual ranked memory helps to give some of it back.

has a bit of info on the dual ranked

Samsung B-die is the best on the market, you could get by without it tho, its nice but not needed to get decent speeds. Honestly Idk how latency dependent your work load is, if its all on the GPU probably wont matter a ton.

If the option are 8gbx4 for $300 for 3200 CL14 vs 16gbx4 at 3000 cl16($310) id prob go for the more memory

Thank you for the video. It is really well explained.

I like the idea of spending 10 bucks more for not only double the memory. Also from the video it seems 3200 and 2933 didn’t make much difference.

But I am wondering which brand you found the price $310 for 16gbx4 at 3000 cl16?

Thanks a lot!

Oh sorry! I got it. What you were saying was a hypothetical comparison. I got it now. I just searched a bit on the internet, and found 3000 cl16 16Gb version seems to be rare. I’ll keep searching. thanks!

If your not aware is a great site to look up prices if US based

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Thanks for the great site!
I narrow down my search and found this one seems to have great deal:

Just wondering does RAM differ between Intel and non-Intel CPU/Motherboard platform?
This one said tested on Intel X99 and 100 for fast speed. Should I be worried that it doesn’t perform so for non-Intel platform?

With x399 you want 4 sticks imo you can do 2 but your losing bandwidth

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Yes, following your suggestion, I am planning getting 4 sticks 16gb each (CL16 version).

I checked the pcpartpicker website and this memory stick model is compatible to the motherboard I’m planning to use (MSI X399 Carbon), but I just got confused by the product page on newegg, as I saw some RAMs specifying “for AMD” in the description, and for the one above it only said “tested on X99 or 100”.

Any difference for the RAM compatibility for AMD or Intel platform?


Not really just validated by manufacturer for those boards. It’s not a big deal it will still work, might need to tweak to hit settings or might work out of the box

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@mutation666: Thanks a lot! I think I have a bit more clue which one to buy now :slight_smile:

Also found an interesting article talking about Ryzen Ram selection & RAM tweak, post here in case someone is searching similar thing:

Honestly people worry to much as long as you arent buying ram thats 2400 for its listed speed it wont be a big deal

@mutation666: Haha true! I was getting more and more confused while reading these information was supposed to clear my concerns lol. Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

so im thinking of GIGABYTE X399 AORUS PRO and 1st Gen RYZEN Threadripper 1900X,
dont know what ram to use, not really interested in overclocking, and all this info in forum is overwhelming. basically is there a prefered way to populate ram slots, all i need is 32g.
2x16 or 4x8, i see theres 2 banks of 4 slots on MB. i was looking at the gskill flareX