Help picking parts

Ive been looking into build a new computer and decided to go shopping a little and out came this

If you can tell me if it is good or bad/what should i change

Thank you

bad mobo.... use a 970 R2.0 or 990 mobo... I do like Asus... don't cheap out on your mobo for AMD and for that processor you have to use ATX

RAM you should use dual channel so 2x4 or 2x8...

get a CPU cooler... AMD's stocks are coasters.... get a Cooler master hyper EVO or Enermax ets-t40 they aren't expensive

everything else should be fine... you're likely on a strict budget picking those parts... if there's something other than what I said is a necessity you could upgrade it would point straight to the GPU... but it's a big jump in price to go to the 760, 270x, 770, 280x etc...

if you have a few spare bucks the 270 mildly outperforms the 660

I'd go with this in the same price range:

I like it... other than can you vouch for the RAM? Never heard of it...

Would this be a bit better

that'll work... general PSU rule is wattage +100... otherwise looks good

At the bottom it says:

"Some AMD 970 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Vishera CPUs."

What does that mean?

the R2.0 version fixes that

Edited version of caveman's build.