Help picking parts and tingzz

Hi, I need some help building a PC for gaming and all the university shenanigans and I was wondering if you guys could help me pick out some parts. I have no specific parts to work with but I can give you a budget range of $2000. This includes taxes and I need peripherals. The whole lot. I do have a specific mouse and keyboard, the razer mamba and the razer blackwidow ultimate/stealth respectively. I know the difference between the two but can't decide between either. If you or someone you know has one and you prefer one over the other, please let me know. Other than that, I want to go with a 4770k for the processor but I'm open to suggestions. I do wish to overclock so keep that in mind. For the case, something with a large clear window would be nice but I don't want it to be overthetop bling. A clean, sleek look is what I'm going for. I like to play fps's mainly so a monitor with a high refresh rate would be nice. A nice looking monitor wouldn't hurt either. IPS PI0X. For the motherboard, an Asus Rog type thingie cos they look nice. I know I basically just rambled but I have to take a dump and sleep after so yeah... Thanks and have a great day

Also leftover money for the keyboard.

I'm terribly sorry but i forgot to mention that I wanted the prices in CDN, not USD. If you could, please make some adjustments accordingly. If you can. No pressure. Also, is 8gb ram enough for heavy multitasking? By heavy, i mean a game or 2 in the background along with 50 tabs open. Lol. Also, a question about the video card. how come i see cards that say evga, asus, pny, sapphire etc on them yet they also say 780/770/670? Whats the difference between them? Thank you so much for the build though. 

I adjusted it slightly.


Most of those tabs will be idle, meaning they will require little to no resources.


Nvidia and AMD are the main GPU manufacturers. Nvidia are licensing their chips to certain companies (like evga, sapphire and so on) where they can modify the card itself. Add extra cooling and so on.


The 760, 770, 780 and 780ti are all different products from Nvidia. The lower the number, the lower the performance. This doesn't necessarily apply all them time. As they also are running multiple generation.

Example; The 680 is better than the 760. The 680 was the strongest single chip GPU from their 6xx series.

Give that a look if you want to consider AMD 8 cores

I don't see any reason to go with the 9590.

He might aswell go with the 8320 / 8350 and overclock is to around the same speed saving atleast $100.


I wouldn't recommend going with an AMD CPU with his budget.


I would, saves money for video cards and Ram

Expensive peripherals, so I changed a couple.  Assuming tax is 10%, that leaves a budget of $1800.  I don't know if you need an OS.

8 gigabytes of RAM will get you through gaming with a couple of other programs running.  If you don't like to close programs, or do some video rendering and editing, 16 gigs will work perfectly fine.

i7 is complete overkill for gaming.  Adding that money to the graphics card will allow you to have a much better framerate in games.

Asrock Fatal1ty has a nice 8+2 power phase design for overclocking.  Pair that with a Noctua NH-D14 and you have a great overclocking setup.