Help picking a GPU

As the title already states I need help picking a GPU.

I was thinking of going with an msi gtx 770 ( ). But with most components I always start to question my choice. I would be very grateful if someone could possibly take the time to look over this list of gpus and let me know their opinions if there is something either better and cheaper, equal and cheaper of just something that would make more sense. The prices on the page are in Euros and my max budget is 300€. If you have another opinion then please also explain why. I know some things on those pages are not in English but most things are so that should be ok. Current pc specs : Case Fractal Define r4, Motherboard AsRock fm2a75m-dgs, CPU AMD A10 5800K, RAM Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB DDR3-2133, PSU Corsair CX750M, Cooling Corsair H100i, 2x1TB Seagate Barracuda. Thanks in advance!

i would personaly go with a R9-280X, its cheaper, and it has more vram, which could never hurt, in terms of performance, they will perform arround the same.

The only problem with your current system, will be your cpu, a potential bottleneck, in cpu demending games.  like metro last light, watch dogs, and such.

So a cpu+ mobo upgrade is something to concider in the future.

Grtz Angel ☺

Is there any specific model of the R9-280X on the page that you would consider better than the others?

Asus Direct CUII top.

Msi 280X gaming. OC.

GTX770 will offcourse also be a good choice, but more vram in my opinnion never hurts, the only thing will be your cpu, it will hold both cards back, in some games.

I think it would do you some good to upgrade your CPU. unless you are running Linux, in which case grab the AMD card, and stick with the APU because good things will be coming your way.

I am planning on changing my Motherboard and CPU soon but right now I need the GPU a lot more. Did some research and so far I've gathered that the Asus model is higher clocked than the MSI. So far the only advantage I've seen with MSI is that it has a dual bios switch and the Asus model doesn't. However the Asus model is a few bucks cheaper and actually currently in stock.

As far as power consumption goes I've understood that the Asus model does take more power but I believe a 750W PSU should be able to handle that.

I am planning on changing my CPU in the future yes. I am not running Linux and I'm not sure if your statement was sarcastic or not. 

Those A10's overclock pretty good and I see you have a good cooler. If you "turn up the wick" it should handle an R9-280X (which I also recommend over the GTX 770) without holding it back much in most games. 

no I was being fully serious. I only make sarcastic comments in the lounge or in troll threads.

There are 4GB versions of the GTX 770, that are worth mentionining, they dont cost mouch more and do a great job. I own one myself and running 3x 1440p infinity games run smooth. So for VRAM the GTX 770 would be a better choice. See here for example

4GB GTX 770 EVGA -

3GB R9-289X ASUS -

Only problem when talking about those cards is that newegg doesn't ship to my country and ordering them from amazon would cost too much with shipping. Checked the stores here and those cards are well over 400 euros here.

The A10 5800K stock clock was 3.8GHz and I'm running it overclocked at 4.2GHz at the moment.

In that case I'm just not sure what you're talking about.

That's pretty good. Have you tried pushing it further?

I tried pushing it more back when I still had the stock cooler on it but then the heat went up too high. Haven't tried it with the H100i but now that you mentioned it I think I want to give it a try.

Linux doesn't require as strong of a CPU to run well as it's much more efficient and lighter on resources than windows. 

Also, they are getting very close to implementing HSA integration in Linux which will greatly increase system performance - especially when running certain tasks/programs that can use the GPU cores for compute instead of the CPU cores. This will allow the APUs to be better utilized (as we will now be able to use the CPU and GPU cores as one processing unit, respectively) and tap into their full potential. Not sure if the older Trinity APUs are setup for this, though. The new APUs, on the other hand, were designed for this from the ground up.

i would still recomend the 280X indeed like i said before. ☺

May be the case, I live in Germany, bought the card from ebay, brandnew 4GB Version for 370, in February.... Go and check ebay the deals are good there with warranty and low prices.

Im Still in favour for the GTX 770, look at this:


GTX 770 4GB for 349,90 €

If you want Options check this:


The 4GB version makes absolutely no difference in games. In poorly made games like watchdogs maybe but there's workarounds for that too. By the time you'll need the 4gb from the 770 it will become obsolete, and going single card is better than dual anytime.