HELP! pc shutting down

my pc is all of a sudden shutting down when i run anygame for about 30 seconds.

I have no idea what it could be because i havnt touched anything inside my pc in ages and i have shifted or moved my pc at all.

Need some help! Thank you

PSU comes to mind.

But lets rule out software first. Do you have a spare ssd or harddrive? If so, clean install windows, drivers, one game and test.

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The least invasive way would be to roll windows back with a system restore to the last known good configuration.

Then try to replicate your issue, if it persists then go into event viewer and check for any system processes failing for any reason. If not applicable then check the hardware portion for failure.

If you get a bluescreen or error code then please post in the chat. Also goes for dump files from BSOD.