HELP! PC losses connection to Monitor whilst idle!

Hi!! I have been experiencing some display connection losses for awhile now and it is starting to really bug me. I keep losing connection to my monitor when the display turns off for awhile and it doesn't turn back on. My keyboard light are on and the mouse too, PC is still running with all lights on and fans as well. I noticed though that the corsair light on my CPU cooler turns back to it's original color when it's supposed to be different bcs of the temp (note: when I restart the pc the color changes straight away based on my temp). I don't know if this is connected with the corsair link not reading my SSD temp and sometimes not reading any temps at all when started. This has also started happening when my PC started taking two attempts before it boots (note: 1st attempt of booting doesn't show any connection to the monitor but just lights up everything i.e keyboard and mouse, then I have to press restart button before it boots up properly). What is wrong with my build?? should I turn of corsair link during startup?? how would I determine if anything is faulty now??

CPU: 8350 @4.5
CPU cooler: corsair h100i with corsair link controller
GPU: Ice Q turbo 7950
PSU: GS 700
SSD: Kingston HyperX 3k 120 (OS and Progmrams)
HDD: 1tb WD black
MOBO: ASUS M5A99fx pro r.20

disable hibernate and set your power options up to never sleep.

Sorry forgot to mention this setting is already to never sleep but the "turn off display" to 15min. I'll try changing this to never as well.