HELP! pc is being dumb

This is a fairly new system. I just installed the custom loop. Before It was water cooled, it would do this about three times then start up fully. This has happened once before and I'm not sure how I fixed it, but I probably just mashed some buttons...any help is appreciated.

Z77 sabertooth


6608gb ram

750W psu

Looks like an issue with the PSU not providing enough power. Throwing a water cooling loop in there would cause hell if this is the case. Have you got all the motherboards extra power ports filled? Try switching the water cooling unit to a different fan? Though 750 watts should be enough power, I just feel like its something to do with the PSU. Can you remove the GPU and use onboard graphics? Restore bios to default and give it a go. Computer might have a cmos button on the mobo.

If you had new components since you installed the loop (mainly motherboard and CPU) you will probaly need to reformat windows.

Weeeeell I didn't have to resort to key mashing so that's good. I thought the same thing about the psu and I don't have all the mobo power used. I used a power usage estimator and it said I should only be using about 350 watts so I'm not sure about that. I put my memory in the different channels and it did the regular thing where it turned on then off twice then stayed on the third time. Kind of a face-keyboard moment right now because the palm just isn't cutting it.

Doesnt seem like software problems to me. I think its psu or mobo related.

oh wait a minute, if it reboots 3 times it means that The bios has "wrong" settings.

Can you erase/reset your CMOS? 

This is a PSU issue where the PSU is not providing enough amperage to the CPU to pass initial BIOS boot. BIOS detects a power problem and shuts down the system. This can happen when specifying a PSU unit that has a much higher total wattage output than what is required to operate the system.

If the bios has wrong settings usually the speaker will beep out a code and error LEDs will light up.


sounds like a power supply problem, blown capacitors perhaps(wild guess)

If swapping the ram spots allows you to post then its faulty ram or dims. One paire will be faulty and the other not. I have the same issue with my computer. If its in one way it will refuse to boot, If its in the other way, It will boot. Esp if you have miss matched ram like me. Atleast you dont have a mobo like the DP45SG. Wont accept any ram unless it is of an exact speed, make and architecture. One small difference and it will throw a hissy fit.

what brand psu is yours?

Corsair AX750. No new hardware except the WC parts. I've actually replaced the psu already and filled out another rma last night. Then it did the three times boot and I cancelled the rma. This morning, I'm back to square one. I don't get a beep from the mobo unless it is going to do that. Is this a rail problem? It seems to me that I can get it to do the 3x boot when I unplug the mobo and cpu connectors from the mobo for a couple mins and plug them back in.

Thanks for the replies so far.

It's got a single rail so I don't believe that would be the problem...

Ummmm.....yea. So I pulled one ram stick out and it started after one on-and-off. Pulling hair out riiiight.......NOW! Coule the power requirement of one ram stick set it over the limit? Is that to do more with the voltage or amperage? Could this be caused by the water pump being set to maximum? It's the MCP-655 and its pretty beefcake (imo) and noisy as hell until you get the water out. I'm going to try to turn down the pump and reinstall the ram stick. WML.

I had this problem until I updated my bios on this thing, do you have the pump porterd to the cpu fan?


Oh man this is fun. So it's posting and now doesn't recognize my ssd when I go to bios settings to boot from it!

The pump is attached directly to the res and the first place the flow from the pump/res goes is to the cpu.

I guess my computer likes to do things "against-the-book." Everything works (except the booting thing) when the ram is in the non-recommended slots. Rules are made to be broken FTW!!!

Thanks all for the probably won't be the last time XD

Now I can't get into the BIOS settings during start-up. Instead, when I push delete, it takes me to a screen that prompts me to choose an OS to boot with. The only one I have is W7. Selecting that proceeds to the sign-in screen. With this option highlighted I also have the option to push F8 to go into advanced options. Besides those two options, I can do a memory diagnostic test, which I did and it passed.

Is anyone familiar with this problem?


P.S. I'm still having the restart issue after the computer has shut down fully (not restarted).