Help PC Build 400-500 (I have case and HDD)

I need you guys to tell me what is my best options. Ill be performing an overclock on it. PS: Im already tech savy but I'm looking for opinions that might deter me from making epic mistakes.


I need an overclock-able MOBO for an FX-6300 (I don't have either)


And whatever else you come up with. I'll be considering everyone's suggestions as options. And ill let you know what I build...maybe post some pics for ya. Ha

The super budget option

The more bang for your buck option

not a fan of that micro ATX one...

whats your opinion on this one...


Also, I'm a big fan of the BIOS on the MSI MOBO's


Now looking at this one. 8+2 should show a better result when I overclock the CPU...I'm guessing at least a 4.3 OC on the FX-6300

For $6.50 more you could have an FX 8320:

You could even use the stock cooler however I don't know why you would.

Copy past the provided Pcpartpicker URL on their page...not the one on your browser. Itll only give me what I am looking at. :)


Ill look into it. I like

This is $600, but will get you a lot more than an AMD build will.

here is something closer to being on budget and still has excellent performance:

Here is an AMD overclocking option, but the CPU isn't as strong, but I did put in a stronger GPU:


This is what im looking at right now... I think all the parts pair up nicely...later on when I OC ill get some CPU cooling on there...but for now i think it's good.

Suggestions? Purchasing all my shit today

Here it is;

Sorry about that.

I'd get this:

Look at my build and take off the CPU cooler.. it will be under $500 and you get more for your money. In both graphics and power supply... I also like asrock motherboards... I have a good track record with them and I like their software.

**There is no reason to pair an AMD GPU with an AMD CPU... cross platform builds work equally as well. Try to fit the GTX 770 into the build if you can. IT will put an amd 270x to shame.

hmmm....yes the 770 will beat the living cock off the 270x... but its roughly 80$ more...and besides...this build is for my like the 4gb of memory on the option i chose

Did you look at my build? It has a more powerful 8 core which is more future proof than the 6 core.

Here's my revised build with a better board:

Prices jumped up so I had to revise it.

MSI G43 and G46 use incredibly low quality components.  Don't get it.

not a great build.  Here's why.

Asrock 970 Extreme3's board is a extremely budget board with a weak VRM design.  Pair that with a power hungry FX-8320 and you're either going to be experiencing overheating in the power delivery area, VRM throttling, or a burnt out motherboard.

4GB on an R9 270X isn't worth it.  Due to the R9 270X's 256 bit memory bus width, paired with a low-mid end GPU, it's hard to be able to fully utilize all 4GBs of VRAM.  Stronger cards, such as the R9 280 or 280X, have wider memory bus widths (384 to be exact) which allows for better accessibility to larger amounts of VRAM.  Also, the number of stream processors is increased to create a stronger GPU, which makes the R9 280 and 280X more capable of utilizing more amounts of VRAM.

Assuming tower hardware only, minus case and HDD.

For Oc ing on the fx6300 you need a mobo with outstanding 12 + 2 Power Phase Design

edit ... oppss ... went over $27

Your build has a single stick of ram and a 270x.. you can do better for the money. Also the 8320 is a old processor now.. it is better to just get a devils canyon i5 and not overclock. an i3 with a gtx 770 is a much better option. or a r9-280... but the gtx 770 are an amazing deal right now.