Help on GPU decision

Hey guys I am new to PC gaming yet I want to buy a fairly decent rig.  So I am on a pretty tight budget (450-490)

and I was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to answer this?  I am looking into getting a sapphire 7770 will it be any good to play games like bf3, crysis 3, bf4 (when it comes out), bioshock, DayZ, and tombraider.  Or should I go with the sapphire 7850?  Can someone shed some light on this for me and all help will be appreciated, thanks!

Buy a 7850 if you can.

Also would it be worth getting the 2gb version, btw wats the difference between 1gb and 2?  Thanks!

yeah id go the 2gb would be worth getting if you plan on using higher resolutions and or eyefinity

otherwise the 1gb would be fine. my gfx cards only 1gb has suited me fine for 1 somtimes 2 monitors 

diffrence between the 1GB and 2GB version, is basicly the amough of ramm, and at the 2GB version the chip clocked on 975 mhz, instead of the 900mhz on the 1GB version.

for the rest they are identical.

is it worth the money, i gues it is

but the 2gb card is arround 200 dollar, if you can spend a extra 20 dollar on that a 7870 maybe better choice, especialy for crisis.

i ownt a 7870 and i play crisis on 1680x1050 textures on very high, and system specs on high, i got 30/45 fps...on amd 8350, so you can say crysis 3 is realy an itensive game.

Correct me if i see something wrong ☺


We'll if u get the money for a 7870. Definitely go with a 7870 xt since it has a newer chipset.


yes XT is better, but i guess that would be a bit over budget. but yea the shaphire 7870xt is arround 250 dollar its worth it ☺

Even if it was 3GB you most likely would'nt touch the third Gig. The 2GB is perfect for what you want.