Help on finding a good negative pressure fan setup for an Antec 300

I have 2x120mm fans in the front my case, 1x120mm on the side (all three of those are intake). For exhaust, I have 1x120mm in rear, and 1x140mm on top.. I've recently started to study the best fan set ups to cool your computer and it seems overwhelmingly that negative pressure air cooling set ups have the best temperatures. However, I don't know how to set up a negative pressure system up with my current fans considering it'd be rather ridiculous to have an exhaust fan in the front or side, so please help me, how can i get a negative pressure fan setup?? Thanks for any and all answers

I don't recommend a negative pressure setup, especially with that case. The amount of extra dust you'll be pulling in isn't worth the near-negligible extra performance, in my opinion.

To get a good negative pressure setup in that case I think you'd have to remove that side fan completely, but that would pull in air from the side, and less air would come into the case in this instance vs having the intake there.

Do you have a means to reduce the fan speed of the fans that you set for intake?