Help on a Virtualisation server build

I’ve got about £550 to spend on motherboard, CPU (Ryzen 5 2600?) and memory (32Gb with room to expand) on a new proxmox server to run Home Assistant, a debian VM for a 3D printing slicer and basic cad package. Ultimately I’ll probably add a windows server for blue Iris.
I’ll retain the power supply ( , the low end video card ( and SSD from my current build. I’m aware the video card will probably need upgrading for the windows VM.
I’m pretty much convinced to go AMD processor and am drawn to the Asrock rack X470D4U, but am nervous about some of the issues people are experiencing and am thinking that at this stage a more mainstream board would be cheaper and allow for better CPU and more / faster RAM.
I don’t want / need the LED support found on many of the boards focused on gaming, but would appreciate advice on the motherboard options.

Thanks in advance

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Skip the Mobo your budget makes it not even worth considering. Only thing that has going for it is ipmi

I’m not sure what issues you’re seeing but I have one of those boards and it’s great.

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Thanks for responding. That was my instinct, I was being attracted by the ‘bells and whistles’, but part of me knew it was a step too far :smile: Any suggestions on a good alternative for my purpose?

Thanks for responding. I’d agree that some people are very happy to recommend the board. Some of the comments in and on other forums / reddit are probably due to early bios issues etc. have got me concerned, if I am going to push my budget to include the board I’d like to be confident I’m not going to have problems and appropriate bios updates will be available.

tbh this is an issue across all boards and manufacturers. The issue linked is not a problem today. As with ALL AM4 boards, there were quite a few growing pains for zen2. It was a new architecture with new firmware to run it. Most of the kinks have been worked out but there was a point when you didnt know what the next bios update might bring.

I would not hesitate to recommend the x470d4u as of today. Its been a little behind in bios updates but thats to be expected for a server board. Theres certainly support for ECC on mainstream boards and they will probably do just as well. I didnt want to waste time figuring out the hard way though, so I went with something I knew to be built for the task and had specific ECC kits called out on its QVL. I liked the board so much I bought the d4u2-2t for work.

If you want to look into other options to save money, more power to you and maybe someone can chime in with a known good configuration.

Thanks for the input. I’m coming back round to the idea of the x470d4u again, and the positive comments here are helping! My question was not a question of saving money, more the wisdom of spending ~50% of my budget on the motherboard, and would I get more ‘bank for the buck’ if I saved, say, £100 on the board and used that to buy a faster processor or more RAM.

I’m not saying you should or shouldnt go for the rack board. Theres certainly arguments against going that route. I think the positives outweigh the negatives for me so I went for it.

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Just to close this thread, an unfortunate fall in my garden resulted in some expensive dental work which has reduced my budget to £0 for now :disappointed: . When I’ve got some cash reserves built up again I’ll be looking again, either with more cash or lower expectations! Thanks for all the advice.

take care and probably ask some one to accompany you after the dental work is done when i had mine done i thought i could drive back home but my coordination was off and ended up calling my friend to pick me up.

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