Help on a mid range GPU

Wassup, Im new to PC gaming and have more or less got everything under control. Only one thing left, The GPU!

So the CPU would probably be a AMD FX-6350

I would like to spend around the £150-£190 mark ($210)

I'v had someone say these are the best but again its not helping me much.

GTX 760

GTX 660 TI

GTX 670 (on a budget stretch)



and the new R9 270x

Can someone give me some help

Cheers Guys

I would say for a match either a 7950 or the new 270X . I couldnt tell you about nvidia .

Cheers brudda, i understand like all the model numbers and how that works but its the bridge between AMD and Nvidia.

7950 other wise if you need nvidia go with the 760

I have just ordered one of these 

(HD7950 £190) 


Cheers man, That really helped!