HELP OCing HIS 7950 boost clock

Anybody would like to help me how to OC my GPU?? or any suggestions on what should I do??would it be better to upgrade my GPU??sell this one and get a newer one?? Ive only used this card for about 9months would I get much for selling this??




CCC or msi afterfurner etc - overclock a little, stress test, monitor temps. Its about the million'th time for this question - google be your friend. Dont push the card too hard (ie sliding everything to the right and pressing apply). You should be safe around 1080mhz core and 1300 mem. Each card is different so it up to you to learn what you card is safe at.

Nothing wrong at all with the 7950, I'd say keep it. 3 months ago, yeah maybe consider selling (as you'd probably would have made a profit with the mining boom). 

I run mine @ 1100 core and 1500 on the mem the His (if its a ice q) most of them can do 1200 on the core and 1500 on the mem.

Well yeah I'm just wondering about the specifics on how much this card could actually go. There really aren't that many references about the HIS cards. Thanks for the rply :) appreciate it.

Thanks this is such a big help :) Mine is actually an Ice q (HIS 7950 ICEq boost clock 3G) this will help me about the limit of the card.

The HIS 7950 ICEq has a 7970 pcb and a beefer power delivery than normal 7950's and can OC very well.