Help! oc + high temps!

Sorry for the first blank post. But anyway heres specs



Corsair h60 Liquid Cooling




So I have two dilemmas,

one, is that my Cooler is doing higher temps than the stock fan.

Two I was wondering if anyone could help me with overclocking. I can not figure it out for my life.

Try reseating your cooler. Clean off the old thermal paste and apply some new stuff. You only need a dot the size of a pea, and then put the cooler on top of it and bolt it down. The cooler will spread the paste by itself, so there's no reason to try to spread it yourself. Spreading the paste yourself will only create air bubbles which will hurt temperatures.

If you're still getting bad results, then the pump in the H60 may be broken. If that's the case, then send it in for an RMA.

As for overclocking, just google around a bit. There should be some guides posted online. The basic concept is to basically manually increase the clock speed and increase the voltage if your computer crashes under a stress test or if it doesn't boot. The maximum "safe" voltage for your CPU is 1.55V, but I personally wouldn't go above 1.45V. Use Prime 95 to stress test. I usually increase the clock speed and voltage, run Prime 95 for an hour or two, and then keep pushing the overclock if it doesn't crash. If it does crash, then I increase the voltage. Once you get to the clock speed you want, then run Prime 95 for at least 12 hours just to make sure it's stable.

Also, it would be a good idea to turn off all power saving features in the bios. Also turn off Vdroop. There might be a few other settings to tweak in the bios to make sure you're getting a stable overclock, but I don't remember them off hand. Just google some overclocking guides for your specific motherboard.

I dont have any arctic 5. Only some cheap white stuff. Should I use that?

the cheap stucc should hold you over for now. Also do what ztrain said. Use about a size of a pea. the pressure from the cooler will spread it out evenly

I wasn't aware that Ztrain posted...

Anyway, the cheap white stuff should hold you over for now, but in the future use Arctic Cooling MX-4. Arctic Silver 5 is still decent, but it hasn't been the best of the best since 2008.

:P only benifit of LGA1366:


Once you've had the best.

So would the EVGA ELEET Utility be good for overclocking?

It might be good just to change the clock speeds and voltages as your testing, but you're going to want to use the bios for your final overclocking settings. Not to mention that you're still going to have to go into the bios to disable all the Vdroop and energy saving features.

I am never guna overclock myself. I barely just saved my pc. I turned it a minute ago and it shut right off. So then I had it on and i rushed to restore default settings on bios cuz for some strange reason, its said 228 C! I was like 0.0 OMFG but i barely saved it. idfk what to do

Well you should probably replace your cooler then, lol.

You don't have to worry for the most part, there are failsafes for human error/retardation.

Simplest way to oc that chip:

Disable anything to do with vdroop

Disable turbo

Disable LLC (this should bring down temps, if you get bsod's turn this on it might help with stabilty)

Disable PLL Overvoltage (you don't want this)

Disable spread spectrum

Speed step can be on or off, all it will do is lower the clock speed when idle (i find it helps with stability)

don't fiddle with your pci-e frequency


I'd say a safe OC would be 4.3-4.4 (since you don't seem to know whats going on)

So just up the multiplier to 43 or 44, and the base clock to 100, set the voltage offset to +.0005V.

Don't play with ram voltage or timings.

Don't play with voltage and just leave it on auto, at 4.4 it should set its self to a decent number (if you care to research further you may find a sexy little number that will help you hit low temps/stabilty, my first guess for your chip would be a voltage of 1.35-1.375 look up bsod codes and find out if you need to go up or down, it's usually up) but if the temps are too high you may need to change this. 


You guys tell me these things, but this motherboard is not labled the same...its a pain in the ass...nevermind...bye

vortex* sorry was on my phone when i posted the reply. So i couldnt see

"There are failsafes for human error/retardation." - Oxy



If it actully hit 228c it either would have shut it self down or fried it self so...........