HELP! NIC problems

Hey, i built my pc last November and ever since i have had bad internet. originally i thought it was my isp but i was using a pci wireless card so a couple of months ago i thought that i would buy some cat6 cable and i still had over 300 ping so then i though i would by a new nic (thinking it was my on board Ethernet) and i found a Bigfoot killer m1 nic on eBay for £18. so i picked it up and it was delivered yesterday and i found a drivers online but it made me blue screen whilst restarting but after pressing reset button my ping dropped to 30 whilst plugged into motherboard Ethernet! then later that night whilst turning my pc off it blue screened.

Then, this afternoon i turned on my pc and i checked my ping on and it was 250 again!

Soi tried reinstalling the drivers and my pc blue screened whilst rebooting again but my ping dropped to 15! but i thought that i would restart my computer again to just check and i did and my ping is now over 250 and i need help i can't do this every time i want to play on my pc.

Please help.

Contact Qualcomm Atheros by email and see if they can send you drivers. Remove those drivers! I looked everywhere and all of the driver sites stating they provided drivers for the m1/k1 were shady as hell I would never use them they looked like your typical spy/malware factory sites ALL OF THEM. This card was known to have alot of issues with compatibility and reliability. I think they only made up to vista certified drivers for it. 


And if you can't find new drivers, I'd say to just get an Intel NIC. Intel is really good about their drivers.

I agree with you about intel and the big problem is Qualcomm bought Killer and does not provide drivers for anything they didn't create under the Killer name.

thanks guys will try now. and btw i also posted this on linustechtips and no one relpied. but really thanks