HELP! Newly built computer system won't start!

I have just recently built a new computer system, but it won't start.  All the motherboard LEDs come on, but when I hit the start button, nothing happens!  Help!!


These are the parts that I got for the system

Asus Maximus V Formula Motherboard

EVGA GeForce GT 640 Graphics Card

Intel i7 3770K Processor

Corsair GS800 Power Supply

Corsair Vengeance 16GB(4x8GB) RAM

WD Caviar Green HDD 1TB

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Case


Thank you for your help!


Did you check to see if you hooked up you pwer button pins correctly?

This has happened to me alot and always where I start. lol :D 

There is a power button built into the motherboard, I am using that, but it still won't work.

Do you have any advice on what to do?

There was a thread last night where someone was having a similar problem and the suggestion was to put everything in one part at a time and hit the power button.  This was to see what part is faulty if any and to make sure it is all seated.

What do you mean?  Wouldn't that ruin the motherboard?  I can't take out the processor because I don't have any thermal paste.  What confuses me is that all the LEDs on the motherboard come on, but it will not boot up!

This was the thread.  Im unfamiliar with building an Intel build.  I think he was saying all the lights were on too.

Okay, thanks, if it doesn't work, I'll say something.

Alright.  Ill keep checking to see if I can help.

I tried some of it, and nothing...

When I come across these sorts of problems I put some eyes on it.  Take your time and trace back through and see if anything seems out of sorts.  Did the motherboard beep or post??


I know bent pins can be a problem.  Sometimes ram looks like it is seated but it isnt all the way.  Sometimes you have to give it a lil forceful love to get it to click.  Did you plug in the suplemental power to the board??  



Something I didnt know till I read it once is when using 4 sticks of ram you should match kits. Meaning a stick from kit A in slots 1 and 3 and a stick from kit B in slots 2 and 4.

I bought them in seperate packages, but they are the same model number and everything.

Electronics can be fickle poop turds.  You may want to try to pull the plug from the back of the power supply then count to like ten one thousand and plug it back in. 

Okay, I'll try that.

That didn't work.