I Just made my pc and when i go to turn it on nothing happens;( a green light on the motherboard is lit and i have no idea why it wont turn PLEASE HELP! i need suggestions on how to fix this

Thank you

A few things to check, is the switch on the PSU in the on position? Are all the cords from the PSU plugged in? If you're using the power button from the case, are ALL of the front panel connectors on, because I plugged in only the power button connector and it turned out, all of them needed to be plugged in.

Everything on the front pannel is plugged in:( all cords are plugged in correctly, should i try not use the power switch and short the 2 pins?

try reseating the 24 pin and 4/8 pin connectors first.

i have reseated them, but still no luck. I think it could be the motheboard because no fans are spinning even the ones plugged directly into the motherboard

What is the list of spec of your pc build

amd 8320

asus m5a97 r2.0

kingston genesis hyperx 2x4ram

xfx r9 270

wd 1 tb caviar blue

lite on HAS

corsair cx500

check if you have bent any pins on the cpu

Get your owners manual and double check jumper placements.


No beeps or power supply fan/HDD spinning up? 

I recently had a similar problem and made this post. There's a lot of things you could try in there.

I had a similar thing happen after re-building one of my computers, it turned out to be the 4-pin cpu power connector, you should check that. (if its seated correctly, perhaps measure out the power supply with a volt meter)

thats usually the problem when there is no POST beeps

Try to rebuild you pc from the beginning, it worked for me once.