Help! New computer build

Hello everyone.

 I need help this summer i am planning on my first computer build. problem is i mostly play on consoles. my current computer is about 5 years old and the only thing i have ever done to it is a new GPU.

my budget is around $1500.00. my main goal is gaming @ 1080P and would like 2 monitors. i wanna be able to stream and maybe capture also.


what i have been thinking of is doing a intel 4770k with a MSI z87-g45 mother board. MSI N770TF GPU, corsair HX750, Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB (2x8GB) 1866,Samsung 840 evo SSD 120GB, computer case either Corsair 760T or 450D. probably 1 or 2tb harddrive by seagate barracuda. i would like this computer to last 4 or 5 years with minor upgrades. 


What does everone think about this? do you think its over kill for what im planning on doing? what would you suggest i do? i am fine with AMD or Intel.


thank you for everything and i hope to hear alot of great ideas..

this build shoud suite you just fine

ohh sorry i forgot the ssd because this is what im building for an Editing/Gaming rig but you can cut off the keyboard or mouse to get this ssd                                                                    

The reason I was thinking two 8th sticks of ram so when I up grade in a few years I can purchase 2 more and be at 32 instead of 16.

32GB is quite overkill for gaming.  You only really need 8GB for gaming.  Adding more RAM doesn't make your computer faster; it just allows for more processes to be running at the same time.  32GB would only be helpful if you have a couple hundred chrome tabs open, doing video rendering, or server hosting.

I'd like to do some capturing and streaming.

16GB will be perfectly fine for a long time.  Once 16GB becomes too little, the rest of your build will be outdated as well.