Help needed with vaapi decoding video using gpu not CPU

with these settings which config decodes video using gpu not CPU on my pop os linux

gfx.blacklist.vaapi - set to 2 or 3 or 4

media.ffmpeg.vaapi-drm-display.enabled - true

media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled - true

media.webrtc.hw.h264.enabled - set to true or false

What hardware (GPU, CPU), and application are you using? And what media file / sites are you attempting to use this with?

2600x an gtx 1660 super oc on pop os linux

app librewolf

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It sounds like VA-API decoding may not work on an nvidia card - Firefox Hardware acceleration - Fedora Project Wiki. Certainly wasn’t supported the last time I looked into it many years ago.

It looks like there is an external translation layer but it will require building and manual installation. GitHub - elFarto/nvidia-vaapi-driver: A VA-API implemention using NVIDIA's NVDEC.

Are you having any decoding issues on your CPU? The 2600X should rip through even 4k content.

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any decoding issues on your CPU?

no its just when im doing cpu heavy loads with multi tasking in other apps video playback goes to crap an i assume if the gpu took over more of that load in the times it would help

The only alternative I can suggest is to download the video (youtube-dl) and watch it in mpv or vlc, where you will have GPU decoding. Otherwise I will mention that a 5700X might be a good upgrade. Also how much RAM do you have? It’s possible too little is causing a performance issue.