Help needed with DAC-X6 cutting out every 5 seconds - Windows only


So I bought a coupple of DAC-X6’s from drop a good while back. Although they had an opamp issue with them being fake, I swapped them out for real ones and they’ve worked great ever since.

Now though they’ve started giving me trouble on my main machine. They work fine with both my Shield 2017, and a Raspberry Pi I’m using for media streaming so it seems the issue is with it interacting with windows somehow.

The issues is that the sound cuts out every 5 seconds or so, just a brief click. And the yellow light on it cuts with it also so it might be related to some connection issue I guess? I’ve tested different USB cables (brand new ones even) and it’s the same with all of them, so I’m thinking maybe a driver issue, or something.

Any ideas what I could do to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Try setting another bit depth and sample rate?
I would suggest 16-bit 48kHz to begin with

Is it plugged into a hub or directly to the motherboard, tried both 2.0 and 3.X ports? Have you tried connecting using a hub like the one in a monitor?

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that aswell. Things that I’ve tried:

  • Changing ports, currently plugged in to mobo 2.0 port, no hub.
  • Changed sample rate, bit depth
  • Uninstalled drivers
  • Changed cable
  • Power cycle
  • Different DAC-X6 alltogether

I think that’s all, issue persists.

Edit #2

What you can try is to add a hub like using your monitors (if possible) to see if there are any USB controller quirks. I guess you could also use optical if you builtin sound card supports it as a workaround.

What drivers, afaik there aren’t any?

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I just uninstalled the ones that show in Device Manager, I guess they’re default windows ones.

I will try my monitors.

Edit: Allright, connecting to the monitor seems to work! I guess it’s an issue with the mobo controller. Thanks diizzy!

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