Help needed with budget mini ITX AMD build

Need to build a cheap Mini ITX gaming rig for the GF, so think AMD is the way to go. 

Budget is £3-400 excluding case and peripherals.

She will be playing Project Zomboid, Skyrim, Dayz, The Elder Scrolls Online.

CPU: AMD Athlon X4 760K 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor (£58.05 @ Ebuyer)

CPU Cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 45.0 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing CPU Cooler (£16.32 @ Ebuyer)

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI Mini ITX FM2+ Motherboard (£75.43 @ Amazon UK)

Memory: Kingston Beast 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory (£53.98 @ Amazon UK)

Storage: Sandisk 64GB 2.5" Solid State Disk (£35.51 @ Amazon UK)

Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive (£42.30 @ Amazon UK)

Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Video Card (£106.99 @ Amazon UK)

Power Supply: XFX 450W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply (£20.00 @ Maplin Electronics)

Total: £408.58

Personally wouldn't bother with a small SSD.  Idk about the cooler, but getting something so that you dont have to use the stock cooler is a big plus.

760K and R9 270. Could probably use include a better motherboard.

Without case and peripherals.

Is it worth spending another £50 and getting the smaller kaveri apu? (and maybe negate some of the cost with a smaller GPU then the 270?) 

Berserker i dont know what planet you live on to think a FM2 A75 unheatsinked mobo is better than a A88X heatsinked FM2+ mobo but hey...

peps1 buying kaveri is a waste of money for a 1-3% cpu performance increase droping the SSD will bag you a R9 270 you can grab them for £130 kind of a trade off ssd + 750 TI or just a 270 alltho Skyrim, Dayz, The Elder Scrolls Online are more biased towards nvidia gpus.

Allso dual graphics just dosent work in skyrim DX9 game's still run horribly in CF/Dual graphics/hybrid crossfire with AMD cards and it dosent look like AMD will ever support DX9 CF the way its going.

Yeah, I did suggest grabbing a better motherboard. I just picked one under budget to get the beefy GPU in. It seems like you actually misread the post.

Dose that CUP come with a stock cooler, and is that RAM going to be OK with the MOBO as its not on there Qualified Vendors List?  

Well if your GF is a fanatic DayZ player, then go intel ☺

She will get dissapointed if she is a fanatic dayZ player, wenn going amd. But it will be hard for that budget.

But if she does not care to much about dayZ, then maybe the athlon is a good way to go.

Im the fanatic DayZ player, but want he to be able to play too. 

She is more into Zombid, roms and Skyrim. 

I'm dubious over how much better the i3 would be over the 760K using a R9 270, but would love to see some benchmarks if anyone's got any?  

And regards the i5, though I tottally agree would be much better, it is just a hard sell at near 3 time the price of the 760K

You may want to browse through this


The CPU comes with a stock cooler.  Expect it to be relatively noisy and shitty, but if you can bear with that you can save a few bucks.

That RAM will work just fine.

In DayZ thats what i was talking about the i3 will blow the athlon out of the water. But its just because DayZ has a very bad optimized engine to use more core´s. This game will run better on an intel cpu, because intel has a much better single threaded performance. Same story with ARMA lol, wow, metro. Also the i3 has L3 cache which the Athlon lacks of.

If you gonne look on a wider spectrum of todays game's, games that have a good multithreaded optimization, like BF4 bioshock etc etc, on those games the diffrence will be alot smaller between the i3 and the athlon, with a R9-270 midrange card.

Its just in DayZ, the i3 will be much better.

$550 dollars is about £330 so he wouldn't be getting the most out of this buget with that choice. 

more of a reference and benchmarks aswell as some intel verses amd data

I totally agree with your premise regards the i3 and Dayz........Im just a little sceptical of just how much the i3 would really "blow the athlon out of the water" but that is 100% down to me not being able to find any benchmarks. 

Would love to see some numbers to be able to see if its anywhere near cost effective.  

(and full disclosure, I have a i5, and a i7 on the way. So tend to be on the intel side)

Thanks for that, interesting to see those bench numbers. 

yeah its abit hard to find some decent benchmarks about the i3 vs the athlon.

But what i can say from my own experiance with ARMA III which has the same gaming engine as DayZ.. it performs not realy great on AMD. ive got a FX8350 with 7870GHZ. and i just get bottlenecked by the cpu. cause its a single threaded game. the i3 has a much better single threaded performance, thats why i know for sure, that DayZ just will perform better on an intel cpu.

Here's another suggestion:

$25 over budget, but worth it IMO.