Help needed HP s5310f slim upgrade

I have a HP s5310f slim CPU-AMD Athlon II 2X250 at 3.0 ghz. i installed a GPU MSI R4550 1GB DDR3 , would like to change the CPU if possible and GPU but i have to stay under $150. any advise ?

Well it can support Phenom II CPU's up to 95 Watts.

I found this -

These are the best things I could find on short notice. Worst thing for you in that you need to have a card capable of half height for the GPU.
I will keep looking and add more as I come across them.

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i have a 2003 emachine w2686 with a amd athlon xp 2600+ that still runs quite well, but if i need i think i can use that case if it comes to that and if it works but thank you for your responce

What about a 7850k w/ a 68 chipset MB for about 110 and if you have ddr2 you should be able to get one stick of ddr3 4 gb to start. That way you will have a modern platform to start with that you can build upon.

if you can stretch your budget
For the GPU.

For the CPU.

Just grab a Phenom ii X4 800 series cpu. should be fairly cheap to get with the 750ti under your budget.

Edit* just realized that I linked the wrong gpu for the system.

@MrChumps that is so cool they make a 750ti so small. Glad you brought that up lol
Looks like I could use those for systems for people who need USFM (Ultra Small Form Factor) lol!
Not sure if that's a/the term lol
But for systems that can only handle half height cards.