Help needed fast please AMD A10 RICHLAND 6800K

Hi guys i need some help.I built a budget pc at the start of this year here are the specs

ASROCK FM2A75 PRO4 Motherboard

Corsair Builder series cx 500 watt ATX/EPS 80 PLUS BRONZE POWER SUPPLY UNIT

G-SKILL 8GB RIPJAWS X DDR3 2133 DUAL KIT RAM.......And ofc the apu......


And i was wondering what graphics card i could use to get a boost .I know you can crossfire this APU with 2 different cards one is the 7750 my question is should i go for the 7750 and what difference would it make to my overall experience with games .Or is there a card around the £100 mark that would be better than the dual graphics combo.Basically i am asking what card around the £100 mark is the best possible for my system . Thanks in advance. 

7850 is probably your best bet, pretty sure it's right around your price point. I had the A10 6800k with 2 7770's crossfired & I could barely get 60 fps on low settings in bf4. I think a 7850 would be pretty good for your system.

Which exact 7850? and would my PSU and Mobo support it?

So far adding dGPU to APU will increase FPS, but not experience. Go look at thomshardware site for more info.

So which card would be best for the A10 6800K acting solely as a processor?