Help- need new CPU

So I'm looking at upgrading in about a week, I've been looking at the FX 8350 as the main CPU and the MOBO a Sabertooth 990 FX from Asus, also I have a 660ti superclocked from EVGA which I don't plan on upgrading right away.

My machine right now is running an AMD Phenom II x4 965, and some cheap mobo from gigabyte.

I kind of want to try Intel because why not? But I'm really liking the reviews and what Logan has said about the 8350.

What are your guys suggestions, the 8350 with the sabertooth should cost me around $385.

I would like to see your suggestions on an Intel setup that would be around that price and have better or the same performance as the 8350.

I don't want a fanboy war, I have no preference in hardware other than Nvidia over AMD because of driver support and software (geoforce experience). 

Do you guys think the 8350 with the sabertooth is a good option and what Intel options for around the same price would be appropriate?

P.S: I'm also taking the new Mantle thing from AMD in mind as that can become a big feature in the future.



Either way you can't go wrong,i'm going to change to intel because i'm gonna be playing mainly Star Citizen and i found GTX 680 for dirt cheap, same price as R9 270X or GTX 660 :D

You can save a bit of money by going with the FX-8320. It's basically the same CPU binned at lower clock speeds and apparently can overclock almost as well as a 8350. It's $40 cheaper (I got it on black Friday for $140. Win.). Though for the 83xx series, you may also want to look into getting a better cooler for it like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. The stock fan is looouuuddd. 

As for Intel, the i5 series is really good for games. If you want, get the i5 3570K for about $230. It's $30 more, and I'm not sure if the performance would be worth it from a 8320 to the i5, but that's up to you. Intel primarily dominates in single-threaded performance, though, bang for buck, the AMD processors are better (besides the FX-9xxx series...).

The FX-8350 is a monster of a CPU. I don't know if you watched it, but it was crushing or up to par with most of the Intel CPUs that Logan tested it up against. The only down part to it, in my opinion, is the fact that the 8 cores on it are practically useless on it. I feel like they just made an 8 core processor for bragging rights. That doesn't mean, though, that games in the future won't take advantage of all 8 cores.

For gaming, I don't think that I could recommend a better $200 range CPU.

Yah I saw that video and is one of the main reasons I'm getting the 8350.

The 3570k is about 30-40$ more expensive and I can't see it being much of a performance boost from and 8350 just for gaming. 

I believe I'm going with the 8350, thanks for the help!

The 8320 is much harder to get stable at higher clocks, I'd never be able to reach 5 ghz on an 8320

Good choice, if you OC your 8350 you can beat an i7 3770k for 130$ less :P

FX8350 + Asus sabertooth

i5-4670K + Msi Z87-G45 Gaming

Both sollid combo´s its just up to you.  both are good ways to go, depending mainly on which games you play,

what are you using your system for? I have the same cpu and still use it. (mainly gaming) overclocked to 4.1ghz for over 3 years now on a water cooler. So far can't justify an upgrade just yet. Only thing i'm wishing i had was higher frequency ram.

I am in a similar dilemma I have the same cpu currently as the OP. I'm upgrading in the next couple of months and I have been looking at:

i5 4670K and Asus Hero mboard


FX8350 and Asus Crosshair mboard

I'm leaning more towards the intel rig at the moment as I've never had one plus it's nice and low power. An i7-4770K rig is a bit too expensive and excessive for me at the moment at £250 for the cpu only.

For my GPU I'm running an Asus R9 270X and have a Seasonic 550W Gold PSU (yeah I like Asus)

unless you overclock the i7...