HELP! my graphics card appears to not be working

     I have a gts 250 dark night asus GPU and its no longer working. The weird part is when I unplug my dvi cable the monitor says "check video cable" and then when I plug it back in the monitor goes to sleep. I know its not the monitor or cable because another graphics card works with the build. I have tried everything that I know, reseating it, different PCI E slot, and a bios reset. I gave it to my friend (who knows much more about this stuff than I do) and he tried everything he knew. Finally he made a last ditch effort and threw it in the oven and bam it worked afterwards. After I got it back it no longer works. Can anyone help me with this or is my GPU dead?

It's likely shot.  The oven just reflowed it, apparently temporarily.  You could try it again, but I wouldn't bother if you can afford to get a new one (or if your other GPU is decent enough to get by on until you can afford a new one).

Thanks for the reply. I'm confused though how would the oven reflow it? We did it to try heating up and melting a disconnected solder, so that's what we thought had happened.