[Help] Multiple Os and file bases

I am looking to combine my family computer with my work computer and my gaming computer is there any way that I could run the dam computer on hackintosh and theothers on windows 7.


I am looking for a GUI because the rest of my family is simple minded with computers and cannot do command Prompt also I want to run all of these on one machine (not at the same time of course).




What exactly are you talking about?

Do you mean dual boot?

yes, he is talking about dual booting, but assuming that he doesnt know how to dual boot, im sure the steps of installing another boot loader would confuse the fuck out of him.

your risk op... http://code.google.com/p/burg/

also, http://dictionary.reference.com/

I actually wrote an article on this a few days ago.


lol. didnt see that. very cool, glad we have more people that knows linux here

might be talkin thin client

Thanks Guys I saw your article earlyer but i just kept looking thanks though