HELP Motherboard commpatability

Hi im building my first pc and dont know how to check motherboard compatability(is it just the socket), and is it better to get the i5 2500k, or a i7 3390 to overclock because logan said the ivy bridge cpu's got to hot(If i got the i7 would the corsair h60 be good enough to overclock to 4.5 ghz)?

The i5 will be your best bet for overclocking. You could always get the i7 2600K or 2700K too and those would overclock really well.

As for motherboard compatibility, there are a few things you're going to want to keep in mind:

1) Make sure the socket matches your CPU

2) Make sure you have ram that is compatible with the DIMMS on your motherboard (chances are it's just going to be DDR3 ram anyway though)

3) Check out the chipset and make sure it does what you want it to. If you want to run multiple video cards, make sure the motherboard has enough bandwidth to support the amount of cards you want to run simultaneously.

4) Look at the SATA ports and make sure there are enough SATA III or SATA II ports for the amount of hard drives or SSD's you want to run.

K thanks, but what has to be campatable with the chipset its and x79 do i have to check with the cpu/Graphics?

socket 1155 (sandy bridge and ivy bridge) doesn't include x79, that's for socket 2011.  You'll want to look for a z77 board.

as for the graphics...
there are some boards that support SLI and Crossfire and ones that will only do either crossfire OR SLI.  This is only relevant if you plan on having more than one graphics card in a linked configuration.  Just do your homework and look into the board's box or descriptions (depending if you're buying it at the store or online).


What MrJepoy said.

Also, make sure the motherboard has a PCI-E slot that has at least X8 bandwidth for your graphics card.

Thanks guys so mucch, in the end i worked out im going to get a asus rampage iv formula(x79) with the i7-3820 and a gtx 670 for now. but in the future i might want to run dual graphics cards so is the crossfire or sli a graphics card proprties or does it have something to ddo with how you align them, and can any card be put in a sli or crossfire configuration?

On the asus rampage iv formula the red slots are the PCI-E x16 slots. To run SLI, you would need to put one card in the first slot, and the second in the next slot down, and then the two cards would be connected with an SLI Bridge, which should be included with your motherboard. 

And you will need two of the same card to run either SLI, or Crossfire. So if you buy the GTX 670 to start, you will need another GTX 670 in order to run them in SLI...

I hope that made sense.