Help monitor/graphic card death

My wife ,hmm exwife stuck a ice pack in my 2 monitor winXP machine right next to my NVIDIA gt grap.card and now when I switch my comp on only one monitor comes to life and it looks like I started it in safe mode with green , red lines - and matrix style display so I can not read anything except windows warning it can not find my Samsung monitors . My IT skills are verylow so I would like to know if I can doanything to fix it or which new hardware I need . My hope is that she just switch something off my Asus MB . Thank you !


Did wrote in the wrong forum or is the question too badly written or too complicated - not feeling the love of community atm ..

I decided it is my graphic card . I use my comp only for games so I will go to geforce GTX 660 that costs 189euros . I'm trying to slowly get to German rig suggestion from the tek November last year video . Is that a good choice ? I'm very very low on cash . Third time is the charm as they say : is there anyone here that can help me or m'i in the wrong place ?


Thank you


I put the new card in ,could not find the old one to uninstall so I just installed the new one and now my comp is slow as hell ! Apsolutly no idea what is wrong and cos comp needs a minute to respond to a mause click and will not start in safe mode istarted unistaling everything nvidia related in hope that once all is gone I can start over cos comp worked great once I put new card in and bf irestarted the comp for new software to get on . I hate writing on my phone but I do love feeling ignored

when bios starts my comp recognize all otherhardware even the new Card . Plz help out someone has to know something I can do ...

And someone is here, (seriously, why nobody answer this?)

Looking at your thread, atleast you got the computer to run, thats good, else something might be horribly broken. If it runs, its propably mostly fine, just some software issues.

Since you mentioned WinXP, im pretty sure the main reason, your PC is low, is because of that, Im not entierly sure, but im quite confindent, that very few people run GTX 660 on a winXP platform, heres why:

You need Service Pack 3 to run that stuff (and service pack 3 makes stuff really slow), and its not really a supported OS anymore, move to win 7 or 8, (8 is what i would go with, a lot of old computers work well with it because of the low Hardware requierments)

Also the reason you wont get into safemode, is because the card is propably not supported there, and therefore it wont be able to launch in it, because safemode uses the bare essentials, it wont load crap, what aint needed, so you are stuck in minimal 800x600 or something, with no plugins/support for new hardware, it simply does not have the files, to cope with your new GPU.


SO, install windows 7 or 8, post what happens. IF some anomalyes occour, report them.




Not to rule this out, the chances are very low of this being true, but the motherboard might also be damaged, but hopefully not, because in most cases, it wont even get you to Windows screen, if that happens.





Thank you ! I sys restored to pre new changes (new card software) and comp is running great ( with new card in just without softwere ) but it overheats really fast . I found some info on the web that imply win XP is supported but i was planing to go with new win anyway . Any chance it is power supply ?

found 5 year old piece of paper that says it is 500 w. Cos here in germany i can buy second handsofware win8 should not cost to much but i would still like to explore posibility powe supply angle . Thank you in fact many many thx !

I got the win 7 but in mean time my comp died totally . I made a system restore and then it worked great for like 10 min before it died my quess would be from overheating at which point I might have locked\unlocked heatsink ... Not rly sure when I did that stupidity in whole process of hating on broken machine ... In short I have borroed ,begged and cheated my way to The Tek mid grade German edition. So hopefully once I assemble the new one I will not have any problems ... Thank you