Help me!

i am thinking about building a gaming pc here is what i was thinking   case: fractal design define r4  psu: corsair 650m 80 plus gold ram: corsair vengence pr0 16gb 1866mhz gpu: sapphire r9 290 tri-x cpu: amd fx 8350 or intel 4790k motherboard: gigabyte 990fx ud3 or msi z87 g43 gaming hdd: 2tb seagate barracuda 7200rpm ssd: adata sx900 128gb   i am on a 1500 to 2000 dollar budget

What was so hard about that?

just found out 1500 is my budget

Very good build. Only two things I'll mention. The 16gb of ram is not necessary, 8gb is plenty. If saving money is not a concern then never mind.

I would also go with the Sapphire Vapor-X Tri-X. Instead of the regular Tri-X.

under $1500

updated - $11 over budget, check down the back of the couch if you are short


that's not bad


Why the 4x2GB...?

Yeah switch that 4x2 ram to 2x4. 2 sticks of ram are more stable than 4. Plus the extra 2 ram slots will make room for more ram down the road if needed.