Help me!

I hate apple. There is no easy way to solve issues with them!!! When i first made my apple ID there was no such thing as a rescue email. I have recently forgotten one of my security questions and can't buy anything on my new device. After spending a half- hour telling apple my issue by filling out alll the information they needed on the website. They said I should make a rescue email. But the only way I can do that is to answer my security questions to access my account. They didnt give me an email to contact and I don't want to call them. Is that my only resort? 

If you cant use your original email then your only choice is to call them no other way


Thanks for the response. I was afraid to hear that answer.

The same thing happened to me a couple months ago. And my account is still frozen (I can't buy anything), I haven't called them yet, and I dread having to do so. Good Luck! 


                          - jn