Help me with watercooling my Define R4


Got a define r4 case which I will be installing a crosshair formula am3+ motherboard with 9370  and a r9+290x in.

I considerered a nzxt kit for the gpu, but don't think i could fit 2-3 of this for future x-fire...

So can you guys help me put together a list of pieces ?

I don't know yet if I am gonna go with tubes, bend som pipes or mayby some hard acryllic tubing like I saw on the mod zoo:


Thanks for all your help in advance! :D



- Slim 240 rad mounted on the top

- D5 Vario and turn it down or DDC

That's about it. Just do whatever the fuck you want.

Thx for ur answer, I have never done watercoling before, that's why I ask