Help me with pc components

i have prepared list of these components,its amd based and price is not an issue

CROSSHAIR V FORMULA-Z mobo or gigabyte 990-fxa-ud7(watched these benchmarks nd confused)( )

8 gb ram (is it enough for gaming or should i go for 16 gig)

Amd fx-8350 processor

gpu,,help with it guys cannot decide

corsair h80 cooler

and suggest me psu corsair or antec

any suggestions are welcome,fanboys stay away from this post

thanks in advance

8gb is plenty for gaming.  For the graphics card, a GTX 660 or HD 7870 would be good, imho, and I personally like Corsair power supplies.  I've used them in a couple recent builds, so I can't speak for their long-term reliability, but their oem is Seasonic, and they make very good power supplies.

Missed the first question, sorry.  Either of those motherboards would be fine, I love ASUS boards myself.

and what about mobo


thanks and last quest,what freq memory should i go with

DDR3 1600 is enough, but try to look for low latency, nine and lower is good at that speed.

thanks bro..:)

If you can go for an extra $50, get some faster memory, it's always nice to have faster memory.


Also, on the GPU it depends on what you want to spend, I'd reccomend a 7870, 660TI, or if you are going for higher end a EVGA GTX 680, or an HIS Radeon 7970, what I'm buying in about a month for my rig.


If you are planning on playing Crysis 3 on max settings, you WILL need more than 8 Gigs of RAM, as the game itself will require 8 gigs on max settings. I've already gone ahead and bought myself 16GB DDR3 2133 Memory, as it will be needed by 2014-2015 (I plan on having this PC for 3-5 years before needing to build a new one, of course upgrading some parts in the meantime).


But yeah, all I'm saying is you should spend more money, because bitches love cool computers. Just kidding, they don't, but what are you gonna do, cut yourself? Don't cut yourself. I'm rambling.

I'm just saying now, the memory controller on the FX series processors only handle ram up to 1866, so your best bet is to go for that. Try 1866 with 9 latency or lower.