Help me with finding a case

SO, i basically am looking for a new case, and cpu cooler. I'm pretty much set on getting a coolermaster v8, but im open to different cases. I mostly want a mid T, but one wide enough to fit huge cpu coolers.

i was thinking about getting this one -

i think u should buy thisÂ i like the cm690,

K mike, i hate you, k lolumad, well, that doesnt touch the HAF and i'll look like ahem a fanboy.

i like girls

my lian li pc60fw fits a v8 :D not as flashy as a haf. but the simple design doesnt get boring as much. (just a thought as some of my friends got fed up with looking at their "gamer" cases after having them for a while)

Nice, its pretty funny, the case i have right now is like the worst thing ever. It's all white no clear side, probably 50$ for the case tops, i dont remember. I had to take out the hard drive bays and lay the hard drives on the bottom of the case to fit my gtx 260

how is it fanboy? and it does touch the HAF, and what do you mean by i like girls?

its fanboy because i dont really want nvidia on my case, and the airflow isnt as good as the HAF, and i like girls not guys

try the antec 902, or storm sniper

u can proubly get the antec 900 which isnt much different and 50 bucks less

cm scout. dont get 922 personally i think it looks ugly especially inside. scout or 690 i think

nice, i think i'll actually go with the scout, it looks damn fine and will fit any big cpu cooler.

Great! We have saved another individual from getting the HAF! Good work :]
I wanted the cm scout for a while.. but a bit too small.. sticking to my 900...

wait so what company makes the "900" that you have? I'm a bit worried about the scout because it might not fit the massive cpu cooler i want, or at the very least it would be an uber tight fit

Antec, you should go with the 902 IMO.

Antec 900 looks 9000000 times better than the 902....
Except it does't have black interior and fan filters.

everyone has the antec 900. ive seen so many videos of it, and so many people have it. i would never recommend one to anyone, nothing against you though.

Theres a reason why almost everyone have it. Mod it and make it "yours".

good point, but im no case modder. i do like the case its just too popular i guess.

Unless you want to be Antec 900 user #5258, get something else.