Help me with a 1000$ U.S build

I already have a reference GTX 680,H80i, HDDs, arctic silver v, 600W PSU, RIVBE, all the peripherals, a Win8 USB and a USB to install an OS 86. This will be a gaming rig. I want to custom watercool it, but I might just air cool and watercool later. I have a 60hz 1680x1050 monitor and a 144Hz 1728x1080. The 680 isn't pushing 144Hz.


I want a 290X to hash Litecoins while I'm away. I was thinking to waterkewl:


Water cooling:

Mobo 100

Gfx 120

Cpu 160

1x360 100 (Will one 360mm rad be enough?)

pump 100

Shyt: 100



wow your budget sunk from unlimented to only $1000?