Help me use all this hardwarez

So, at my job, we have a recycling pile of broken items that are out of warranty and such.

Ive picked up alot of crap over the years and now I have a nice collection that I want to use... But I dont know how!

Things I cant do:

  1. Web server (Against dorm regulations, also would have to somehow hack my way through their port forwarding, propably with an SSH tunnel or such)

Hardwarez that needs to be haxored:

1x Lenovo t550 with a broken screen. Works perfectly fine with a monitor. Configured with a 200 Gb SSD and an i7 something and 16 gigs of Ram
1x Samsung Somethingorother with a broken HDD. Boots fine from USB
1x Custom built rig with FX AMD processor, no ram and a 512MB Nividia NVS310
1x spare monitor (had 3 but I just sold 2 of them)

I also have a budget of about 100 pounds to make some of this hardware useful.

(Will also accept offers to sell these at low prices)

you could setup a private network and have a media server.

Could you elaborate? I never understood what Media server acutally means

its a server that you put video and music files on, and can stream them to something like a tv, or tablet.

I dont own a tv or a tablet :D

All I have is pcs.
Im a pc kinda gyal (also I live in the worlds most tiny room)

Backup server? backups are very useful.

I currently back up on a cheap 500Gb drive inside my main pc (also raided from the recycling pile)...